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  • Bull_v_Bear Bull_v_Bear Jan 22, 2003 9:20 PM Flag

    Nasdaq Futures up big................

    Why? The market finally has good news and the buyers will show up ............
    Due for a bounce.
    You must be short and worried........
    I would be to if I was short...............
    CIEN could hit $7 tommorrow

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    • Nah- mood's changed now. Unlike December when good news was great and bad news was good, the new mantra is bad news is bad and good news means sell cuz it's as good as it's gonna get. You got a war-mongering boob named Shrub running the country, people around the world hate and fear us, and an incompetent clueless idiot in charge of the Federal reserve bank. Got any Gold?

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      • It seems you think gold is a solid investment because of its inherent value. It certainly doesn't have any ability to generate future profits like shares in a company might have. Now, I guess as a result of changes in supply and demand that value might fluctuate a bit, but market forces would logically bring the inherent value back to something like production cost plus fair return. Following me so far?
        OK, so in the last couple of years the bottom for gold has been something around $260 an ounce. Wouldn't it stand to reason that, when the price rises significantly above that, most if not all of the increase is due to speculation (like with NAZ stocks), rather than inherent value?
        If that is the case, isn't gold a screaming SELL at this point? And wouldn't the same be true for un-hedged gold miners? Like I said, just wondering...

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