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  • rock12077 rock12077 Dec 15, 2003 2:20 PM Flag

    There is a great deal of

    you would have to expect it lagging its peers simply because there is an artificial selling pressure holding it in a lower than normal range

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    • I'm not sure I see the artificial selling pressure. Given the indexed nature of QQQ, the entire amount of CIEN that needs to be sold for their recalibration is less than a single day's average volume.

      (I don't have the # offhand, but it's comparable to the amount of LVLT that must be bought, and it was figured at somewhere between 4-5M shares.)

      I just don't see where the selling pressure is -- I think CIEN's really not going anywhere until mgmt can point to a much larger increase in revenue than a couple of million a quarter, given the current valuation. All imho, of course.

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