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  • zero_zero_zero_minus_one zero_zero_zero_minus_one Feb 9, 2010 1:51 AM Flag

    Ferd is right, Ciena won't last another 15 years.

    Holy crap! You are still spamming this board with your many aliases? Dude, you have to remember that just because you are a douchebag bagholder , that does not mean you have an obligation to spend your pathetic life spamming the message board with many aliases.

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    • Ha! Well at least he can log in to his many IDs and post some bizarre IP address and claim it is your IP address. Classic stuff. One has to wonder, what did these jackoffs do for attention before message board?

      Well, if nothing else, as long as they posting on these boards they aren't abusing little boys.

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      • LOL! I figure if I keep responding to myself about how another poster has more aliases than me, the board may not figure out who I am and how truly pathetic my life is. I would probably have killed myself long ago, but that would eliminate any chance of meeting irfan. In fact I am so infatuated with him that when I'm off my meds I sometimes think that every poster here is him. For that I am both sorry and embarrassed.

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