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  • rickotto1 rickotto1 Aug 28, 1998 7:04 AM Flag

    don`t forget about the cisco kid counter

    i hate the shorts guts..i know it is a so called
    business strategy just to make money , but i guess that
    gives them the right to be lying scumbag dirtbags..i
    hate their fricking guts, and i am so happy to say
    that...i really needed to get that out. : ).i hope james
    toro is broke and living on the streets of newark
    after this...scumbag..they all suck be he sucks the
    worst..f that a hole lucent guy and all the other dirtbag
    doomsday could they be so fricking
    stupid..the ceo said it must happen..what the hell is wrong
    with them ? Dont get it....maintain your positive
    outlook people and dont listen to them when they try to
    tell you the tlab shareholders will never go for this
    deal and crap like that...this is totally is
    over,tell labs needs ciena for survival against lucent and
    ciena needed a suitor case closed.......the shorts
    financial well being is wasted now if they took a big stake
    short ciena at 33 or so...they must buy back shares at
    40 something or
    higher.hahahahhahhahaahahahaahhahaahahh .rick

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