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  • Cienna_BULL Cienna_BULL Oct 2, 1998 2:02 PM Flag

    Buy Now...Huge News

    coming out after close...big gapper mon

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    • Thank you for the very welcome reply to our
      request for advice on Ciena ... you were one of only five
      replies and yours was the only advice we took. Thank you!
      We bought 1000 shares of escmf at $6.75 and it is
      already at $9 !!
      Having lost 25% in our first five
      months in the stockmarket, we have clawed most of it
      back in the last two weeks (and you were responsible
      for a nearly an eighth of that recovery). The rest
      was just luck and little more wisdom since we naively
      jumped in prior to the Wall Street peak. We are now
      selling some stuff (eg AOL at 112 and AXP at 88) and
      holding a little more cash.
      Thank you for your honest
      and helpful reply to our plea.
      Murray and Angela
      PS We held Ciena and can now afford to stay for the
      long term.

    • xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I remember a neg article or comment from Cramer
      when the CIEN & TLAB merger terms were being
      renegiotated for 0.8-1; I thought he was short
      guess not.

    • I just e-mailed Mr. Cramer and this is what he had to say about your post.

      If only i were smart enough to have been short ciena. This is laughable

    • Does anyone have any information on the topic for the Thursday meeting between CIEN and Goldman Sachs? Thanks in advance.

    • Merger is not essential. Lu and CSCO stocks were
      in a free fall for the last few sessions. Causes
      remain to be seen. Lu cannot even arrange a stock swap
      transaction now, since its price could be $50 or $70 in two
      weeks. All cash offer is another story, but they didn't
      need to wait for it until October. What I would like
      to see is one or two contracts. MCIWorldcom and
      BellSouth would be nice, indeed.

    • you are right the WSJ summit is just a
      presentation by
      a few companies in the networking arena;
      its funny
      how rumors fly by the uninformed; i too
      am long on
      ciena and hopefully I will see double
      my money if it gets
      to high 20s;
      Here is part
      of a discussion on TSC Summit where
      affiliated money managers discuss the economic outlook
      its mostly Jim Cramer, Herb Greenberg and ten other
      managers. Comment made by Cramer about CIENA:

      yahoo chat user (Craig): What do you think of the
      theme?" and how do you value CIEN?

      Craig: CIENA the bandwidth thesis is alive and
      Cramer: CIENA will have a lot of competition. Ways
      play bandwidth are in switching.

      Meaning Cramer
      and other hedge fund managers who shorted CIENA
      few weeks ago might be long again on CIENA.

      fund holders, daytraders, individual investors can
      CIENA back to mid 20s LU, CSCO, ASND might be willing
      to make
      a deal for low 30s. With the current
      value and what CIENA
      is asking CIENA would have to
      remain independent; I still think
      we will see low 20s
      in a month.

    • I guess there is the "possibility to talk"---
      however, this isn't the same as getting 2 or your friends
      to date each other-- bring them to a party and hope
      the talk to each other. I don't think Ceo of Lu is
      going to accidently bump into Ceo of Cien and strike up
      some conversation. These are multi-billion dollar

    • You�re right. There will be CEO's of Texas
      Instruments, Sprint, Motorola, Intuit, RealNetworks, Yahoo,
      Qwest, Ameritech, Teligent, Nortel Technologies and, of
      course, Ciena and Lucent.

      But, under all the
      circumstances I would not underestimated the possibility to
      talk. CEO's are not absolutely immune on shareholders
      talks and media covering of this exciting probability.

    • I don't mean to burst anyones bubble----don't get
      me wrong, i would love cien to be bought out

      This wall street journal summit sounds more like a
      "computer show" such as comdex or similar--- it doesn't
      sounds like a 1 on 1. I'm sure there are other people
      speaking at this meeting-- not just those 2. If I'm wrong
      please correct me.

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