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  • invest_carefully invest_carefully Oct 23, 1998 5:19 PM Flag

    I agree TLAB - CIEN merger will happen w

    The ratio of 0.4 would not dillute TLAB earnings
    much and seems about right.

    In my opinion CIEN
    better take the offer.

    $54 * 0.4 =

    $21 dollars a share is a hell of a lot better
    the $13 dollars a share that CIEN is tradeing

    I hope the CEO of CIEN is smart and will
    the 0.4 offer and not try and hold out for
    CIEN is really a $20 dollar company right now,
    a $30 dollar company. (Unless they have
    some big
    contracts they aren't telling the
    rest of us about.)

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    • I sure am glad you aren't running the show. "$21
      ....Ciena better take the offer" Give me a friggin break.
      Here are some reasons why this stock will be at $40
      within the first quarter of next year without a BS

      As has been posted on this board previously, Sprint
      is testing Ciena's 96 window DWDM. With there plans
      for ION they will be buying the shit out of the 96

      Worldcomm/MCI loves the Ciena equipment and had temporarily
      held off the purchase of Ciena equipment probably
      because they wanted to see what there needs would be once
      acquiring MCI's fiber.

      Let's not forget all of the
      local telephone and foreign telecom companies that will
      be buying DWDM equipment very shortly.

      is 1 - 2 years ahead of Lucent(AT&T's puppet) and
      there upcoming 16 window DWDM.

      When the big
      boys (Worldcomm/MCI, Sprint, BellSouth, BellAtlantic &
      NIPPON Telephone) order DWDM they are going to buy from
      the leader. Unless the big boys Directors' still have
      half of their pensions tied up in the 16 window
      company. So let AT&T buy the 16 window then they can
      upgrade that again next year. Ciena will do just fine
      without them.

      As far as all you IDIOTS that keep
      posting "Merger Tomorrow" get a f_cking clue, you sound
      like a broken record. Go back and read all the posts
      for the last 3 months, every day there is at least
      one IDIOT that has posted "Merger

      There will be no consideration of a merger until
      Ciena's stock gets to at least $30

      Just sit tight
      and watch the stock rise as each contract is

      LONG ON CIENA without a merger!

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      • My recommendation:

        Watch CIEN 11/5 and

        Case 1) A strong move (e.g. +$2), means
        4Q was good and CIENA won't look back, buy into the
        regular closing 30min selloff.

        Case 2) No
        movement and the quarter is as bad or worse than expected
        and stock will head lower making the latter half of
        the following week a good buying opportunity
        (<11). Expect Ciena to have good contract or product
        news to go along with its 4Q revenue pre-announcement
        on 11/16 or 4Q report on 12/10.

        Case 3) Moves
        strongly lower on no news, look out. That means the
        quarter was bad and there is no good news to soften it.
        Ciena will head back below 9 after 4Q revenue is
        released, and will have no chance to recover until 4Q
        earnings are released.

        All IMEO

      • Yes!

        That was a post! My mind feels cleansed. There is life and reason on the CIENA board.

        If you missed it go back and read the original post.

      • What the Zoo keeper say when he stepped on the Monkey's tail?

        "It won't be long now."

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