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  • mich_mavwreck_60 mich_mavwreck_60 Jul 23, 2004 3:54 PM Flag

    Sobi's site......

    Does anyone know if sobi's site is down???????????

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    • Conspiracy_theory_1,

      Assuming you are not really Bird using an alias, I would like to apologize for what I said about you. At the time I was responding to what you said about instigating with him because you thought it was fun.

      While I don't agree with your political views, this is not supposed to be a political board anyway! I guess sometimes its hard to resist the free shot when someone's walking around in a t-shirt with a target on it.

      My apologies,


    • while i agree with ur premise. sobi did disagree with that too. sobi never wanted blind following. I questioned him and attacked some his postings of unrelated material and we stayed friends

    • Cons theory,

      A few years back there was a very well respected poster on the Engage board. You remember Engage?...A former CMGI sub. This fellow's name was NoGuano...perhaps you've heard of him? He did thorough research, posted articles for all to read, etc...and always with a positive slant for the company. The other posters loved this and cheered him as a hero. As you now know, Engage is now just a memory. But NoGuano is still around. You can find him on the Navisite board...a former CMGI sub. He seems to have turned into a bitter fool who spends every minute of every day posting anti Bush the point that he drove most of the actual investors off the board. Until Yahoo finally warned him, that is, and told him to keep his posts on topic. They also removed all his previous crap posts, so don't bother to look for them.
      The point of this post is not to bash Sobi, but more or less not to place too much importance on one poster. I assure, Nogo was every bit as revered as Sobi is now. As an investor, do your research...share it with the board if you like...but don't put all your faith in someone else's views. I respected Sobi as a poster on this board but I do believe he looks for material that supports his optimistic outlook of CMGI.
      I was also around during the whole Sobi vs Bird clash. I do believe Sobi made an error that could have been resolved with an apology but that it was also blown more out of proportion than necessary. Bird is a little too hardcore in his political posts here for my liking, but I do tend to agree with his view points. I think you are far more the problem here than he is. You intentionally set out to spark controversy that you know he will take offense to. Its not needed here. I much more prefered reading the conversation with havelotsofshares...about why he/she believes in the company and backs it with $.


    • I'm sorry Nick. You are correct in that my post had very little to do with CMGi as most posts on this board seem to have very little to do with CMGi. Kinda my frustration too. At some point there was a poster who gave very generously of his time and analysis to the rest of the community (Sobithongie) a.k.a Sobi. Either paid for or incredibly bored, along came a couple posters that chased Sobi away. They have been here ever since trying to explain why Sobi's disappearance is all because of his own shortcomings. Sobi did this, is that, blah, blah�. Yawnnn�. At the end of the day we are stuck with the morons and less a Sobi who has moved on. In his absence, no one who seems to have a clue about CMGi has appeared. So Nick, what you have is I hanging around pushing a fairly negative screed into the abyss and a lot of posters who don�t even know what that means.

    • this post has nothing to do with CMGI

    • who the crap are you???

    • who the crap is Sobi???

    • It's not working for me either.

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