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  • ochsnerbier ochsnerbier Jul 24, 2004 5:08 PM Flag

    Sobi's site......

    What is the deal with Sobi? Has he really folded his tent and gone off into the desert? Unfortunate, as I had experience with another stock called ALGX and there was a poster on the board named Mark Hank, who, like Sobi, appeared to be very well informed and recommended the stock with the requisite due diligence admonishments and as the company imploded was never heard from again. I hope this is not deja vue.

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    • A couple posters crapped all over Sobi and even threatened him. If I were he, I would move on too. I guess the shorts won. They didn't want him posting any positive thoughts on CMGi so they harassed him to no end. Watch the replies to this post about how Sobi started it and he was the one that threatened people and blah, blah blah. I have been on this board and reading Sobi's posts for 4 years now. All of a sudden you have these morons show up like they have been here all along. Go to Sob's sight and enjoy. Leave the assholes here.
      Oh, I forgot, GW sure is doing a great job, isn't he. Sure saving us from those terrorists.

    • Sobi contributed an enormous amount to this message board. I haven't read anyone post a meaningful thought since he left. On one hand you have Bird_Brain (who thinks republicans actual contribute to the world) Loves GW and the way his farts smell, and then you have Smellyrot who is the biggest doomsday poster ever. He/She is either the biggest short and so there goes his/her MO, or they are incredibly depressed and take drugs to get up in the morning. There is no valid input on this board anymore. Sobi's sight is priceless if you care about CMGi analysis. SObi may profit one day from CMGi, and while he works toward that end he provides a veritable wealth of knowledge. But, if you are interested, say something about GW, that usually gets a couple posters pissed off and is fun sometimes.

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