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  • cp5198 cp5198 Mar 3, 2005 3:22 PM Flag

    Happens in minutes.......

    Were you there to watch? Will you be left behind this time? On Dec 7 '04 VOLUME WAS OVER 82 MILLION. Yes, this stock CAN run with good news.

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    • Its not running now my friend. I'm beginning to think they are going to reverse split or something. It makes no sense what is happening. The whisper number rocks and yet we have no buyers. The manipulation we see is possible because there are no buyers. We just don't have time available to reach our highs of last earnings. I could see going from 13 million to 30 million share volume in a couple days, but not from 3 million to 20. I'm in at $1.19, but if it reverse splits, I would lose my whole investment in a matter of days. I don't know what to do.

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      • factoryrat - I know you've been around here for quite a while and you've been pretty positive on CMGI. Sorry to see you having doubts. I may not have huge faith in the company but I don't see a reverse split heading here soon - if ever. Would also be very surprised to see the stock driven down to under $1.19.

      • There is NO R/S coming and forget that Bullsh*t whisper Number. You might as well say the whisper # comes from Fav, Curio, BigM, and slim. It's just a PIGment of everyones imagination. And when in doubt, sell and run.

      • I know it's anathama to talk about reverse splits on this board, but I tend to believe that anything is on the table for cmgi. When I relistend to last quarter's conference call a week or two ago, the CFO made a point of saying that CMGI had included a reverse split in the prospectus(I think it was the prospectus?) the last 3 years, and that there was no plans for a reverse split . But who the hell knows...Part of cmgi's restructuring may include reducing the float. ANd if you're going to piss-off shareholders, it might as well be before there is any real coverage happening with CMGI. Even if CMGI did do a reverse split, I don't think it would hurt in the long-run (alot of historical data to the contrary) as long as the company is getting its shit together in every other area. Doubt it will happen ,but who the hell knows. A lot of folks thought ther'd be a JAnuary effect this year, and look how that turned out.


      • No R/S not at this level. R/S is an delisting emergency only situation. Would have to be under a buck for over six months, actually nine with extensions. They could move over to the AMEX too and be fine.

        Why would you lose your investment in a few days on an R/S?

        You better take the emotion out of your trading strategy fast.

        Big M

    • Should be at the launch pad shortly...

      T MINUS...

      All Systems Are GO

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