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  • kds5862 kds5862 Mar 16, 2005 11:54 AM Flag


    NO, conservatives like yourself are morons. You people hype the Republicans who do nothing for you. For example, they only lower taxes for the rich and for their buddies in the corporations. Has Bush helped your paycheck go farther since he took over? I don't think so !!! Are you going to be happy paying $3 per gallon for gas to make your car run or to heat your home? Whatever. I guess some people just like bending over and getting F***** in the butt.

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    • I dont' know about you, but maybe you should stop crying and pay attention to those who know how to make money!

      Im making a ton of money thanks to Bush. Maybe you haven't noticed the huge 800 point run in the Dow since Bush's relection? Maybe you are too busy crying about Kerry's fair and square slaughter!

      Please, stop pushing your Michael Moore crap, nobody cares about Liberals any more.

      YOU GUYS LOST, LIVE WITH IT, Or we will have to keep reminding you of how much of a loser you are.

      If you made some money maybe you guys wouldn't be so uptight and stop whining!!

    • Did you get the marriage penalty eliminated, assuming you are NOT gay? Did your rates go down? everyones' did. Do you really pay 3 bucks for gas? Do you fight exploring for oil on government lands? Buy the way the rich are Americans too, I hope to be one soon myself. The top 10% pay 60% of the taxes. The bottom have there hands out for freebies. Get a life, get a job, and VOTE RED . If you can't do that, chain yourself to a redwood and hold your breath.

    • Liberal whimp "kds5862" writes: ""Has Bush helped your paycheck go farther since he took over?""

      ...So the ONLY THING that matters to a whining, stinkin' liberal is if the leader of this great country can increase your paycheck. ....How totally "self-absorbed" of you!


      P.S. An you liberal whimps try to pass yourselves off as "caring and sensitive" ...LOL!!

    • It was the Democrats that have blocked every energy bill our fine president has offered.

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