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  • mich_mavwreck_60 mich_mavwreck_60 Apr 2, 2005 10:43 AM Flag

    Who said?????

    Never, ever below 2 bucks again, light the match the rocket is ready to take off, Target price $4,$5,$10,$13.46, $20, $30 and of course the ever popular, " I'm going to be rich" ????

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    • A lot of us have said those things mich.

      I have said many times we will see $4 and $5!
      And that my friend is still true.

      I have never said, " I'm going to be rich"

      CMGI would have to go to $100 before I would consider myself rich.

      Now, some of those higher numbers you mention $10, $13 are possible but in order to see them you must stay in CMGI for at least a year or so to have a chance at the $10 range.

      The $36 and $40 price you said is highly unlikely,
      I doubt CMGI will see a $20 billion market cap.

      But since SIRI did hit a $11 billion market cap in Dec, 04
      On $400 million in debt, not a profit in sight for about 10 years and with only $130 million in revenues I am now convinced anything is possible :)

      I have now invest over 3 months in CMGI and will be here at least another 9 to 12 to give CMGI a chance.

      Sure I am not going to lie I would love CMGI to hit $5 and $10 right now!
      And yes we should be at no less then $3 right now and why we are not is beyond me but I have Patience and that is one of the most important things it takes to make money.

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