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  • cmgi567 cmgi567 Jun 24, 2005 9:03 AM Flag


    If CMGI does not show vast improvment by end of 1st quarter report Lawler will go by the wayside like an NFL 1st round disappointment.

    Lets face it Lawler was given a company that just purchased Modus quadrupling revenues with earnings.

    This guy has shown no interest in rewarding stockholders by increasing interest in CMGI and it is pretty obvious the big money investment community has little faith in Lawler.

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    • Unfortunately for cmgi and many other viable companies,it was part of the tech .com bubble stock phenomenon.Many good companies have no recovered status because of the bubble.....but eventually the good ones will recover.CMGI is one of the good ones.
      And down the road we will see another bubble...history seems to always repeat itself.

    • LOL

      that would be pretty much all the ding dongs you see posting here

    • "Again it's about results and the ability to explain the game plan as it unfolds to the owners. That is US."



    • It's NOT about IR and NOT about lawler. It's about results. In my mind I accepted 4 quarters to see real movement in share price. Anything else is rhetoric. Investors are putting their money into a risk mode for a return on that investment. In the formula for interest (I=prt) T is time. You can't buy back lost investment time. I can tell you in my answer from Lawler he does NOT directly focus on investors value( share price). He states he focuses on company value. They increased company value by buying Modus and diluted share price. Please think about that. Again it's about results and the ability to explain the game plan as it unfolds to the owners. That is US.

    • OK, you don't like Lawler. You hold Joe Lawler personally and solely responsible for all IR problems and do not concede that there are functionaries responsible for IR that aren't getting the job done. You apparently believe that Joe Lawler is MR IR for CMGI and operates according to whatever whim he gets up with on any given day and that those whims are against his sole mission of promoting CMGI via IR and only by IR.

      I respect your right to define your bubble. I reserve the right to live outside of your bubble. Joe Lawler will prove to both of us what type of manger he is. I can wait.

      Where you focus on Joe Lawler, I focus on the IR function and its deficiencies. You or Joe Lawler will have to convince me that Joe Lawler immediately equates to the total IR picture.

      Have a good day.


    • that was a quote from lawler to me via e-mail on 6-24-05. Sorry to burst your bubble but there is only one God, and Joe Lawler ain't Him.

    • "and I quote J. Lawler"...

      Wasn't that remark followed by "here's Tom to ..."?

      Current organization chart indicates that Oberdorf controls IR.

      It may be that our critique about PR is aimed too low in the management chain. Oberdorf hasn't improved IR (In my perception). Lawler made a direct attempt to open communications between shareholders and IR during the conference call via Oberdorf. Maybe IR needs to be relocated in the management chain.

      Good managers don't cut the legs out from under their aides. They provide incentives.

      An IR that is responsible to the Pres, audited by legal, reviewed by security, and provided with information from operations and accounting is an apparent corporate norm. Accounting as sole responsible source of IR is unusual and decidedly incomplete.

      Have a good day.


    • and I quote J. Lawler, "I can assure you that I am working with out investors relations and sales and marketing regarding communications". Don't get me wrong. I am long on CMGi because of the business model and the Asia footprint. However, I am NOT a pumper. I have found that in my business and personal life you have to be pro-active NOT reactive. That is the only way you have control rather than fust putting out fires.

    • REALLY

    • Mr. GashJones,

      Thank you for your thoughts and insight.

      As a holder of CMGI for 10 years I'm sure you can appreciate my frustration.

      Have a great weekend!

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