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  • investing777cpa investing777cpa Jan 25, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    Vote Early Vote Often - Steel Partners/HNH

    As mentioned in a prior post; everyone was betting on a sale say at $5 to $6 but management/board will not give up the gravy train. So many investors do not want to wait another year to find out their plan will not work and the NOL value is shrinking...Why today versus just after the announcement is a good question...maybe just one or two funds getting out or lightening up...may have been waiting for a direction and grew tired of watching other stocks skyrocket while we got hosed...

    Ahhh...the psychology of the investor...I understand the sell off what I do not understand is how this board gets any votes…they must be some very bad people to watch us lose all this money so they can keep a nice little seat on the Board.

    Has anyone tried to call investor relations?

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