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  • nuhusky82 nuhusky82 Jan 28, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    Who is forcing this down?

    I have average down 3 times in the last week hoping that we hit bottom I am getting killed

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    • Now that all the restatements are done, I think most thought that might be an all clear signal and the stock would rebound.

      Unfortunately, the operating loss increased with no strategic alternatives. So after some hesitation you are seeing some selling. For the value guys, the balance sheet protection got smaller.

      I calculated a new net-net at around 1.94. This doesnt include any value for the NOL, buildings owned or affiliate investment. It also doesnt include some charges and further operating losses.

      At 2.20 this hits a very specific pullback. Another is at 1.90. I think you can start buying here and would add back to 1.90. After that....

      Also, the new CEO starts today. Should be a nice option price for him. That couldnt be manipulated in anyway could it? Just saying....

      Why doesnt a large company just buy this thing for the NOL and just blow out the rest of the pieces? Even if they paid up an extra dollar the NOL would seem to be well worth it. For example, why wouldnt DELL buy this? Just for the NOL. Nothing else. Nothing else matters really for 2 billion at a fifty percent discount or more.

    • I sold last week but lost a good amount. This stock has been a poor investment for over 12 years. That's a long and consistent track record. I still regret thinking I can anticipate a change in that trend- my only hope was SPLP taking over. This company and stock is just one big mistake for me. The Board should not be taking the large sums they have taken from this company.

    • #$%$ I have been thinking the same the price down and get everyone voting HNH...

      Belco...what has changed in the past week on the valuation? Still have the NOL...they told us about revenue forecast...really nothing...if there is bad news is that not good news...bad news would make the board reconsider a sale...

      The value is in the NOL...

      Why would anyone sell 600 shs at 2.24...just throwing in the towel?

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