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  • lonestarsteelsupply lonestarsteelsupply Dec 20, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    We have got a long ride to the North

    Folks we are only at a pre split value of $.51. The stock had a reverse split at $2.00. MLNK is in as good as shape or better as it was then. At $2.00 pre split the is means that it would be worth $20.00 It will not happen over night but it will happen , MLNK will go back to at least $20.00 it was there a few years ago. Not to mention it is over $5.00 now, this means that a lot of funds can now buy into MLNK. My guess this will not happen until the funds are convinced that we are stable. AND IT LOOKS LIKE WE ARE.


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    • @lonestarsteelsupply
      I could not agree more. People should remember this stock is at a pre split value of $.51.
      Whenever I think about it, I just want to scream. That is how angry I am. Why the hell did they go thru reverse stock split? I just don't see many stocks that perform better after reverse stock split. When it was at $2, it gave an impression to average investors that they can afford to buy a lot for less. So from $2 to $0.5 ... current management team including CEO should be arrested. I still can't believe they still run the company.

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