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  • FrenchPuddle FrenchPuddle Dec 15, 1998 11:08 PM Flag


    is that white crust around your mouth SKATER

    Please keep this board on track for investment advice
    and nothing more.

    You people must stop trying
    to rip good people off with you tricks.

    Lord will get us through this!!!!!!!!

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    • You are, without a doubt, THE most disgraceful,
      repugnant, evil, loathsome, abominable excuse for a human
      being to ever post on these Yahoo boards. I am
      mortified that you are included as even a microbic speck of
      the human race.

      The Lord will get us through
      this? Spare us, please! Clearly, YOU are in no way ANY
      product of the Lord. Somehow you slither here, among
      decent people, from the bottomless pit of

      NYC Skater and Brad Goldstein were two of the
      brightest, most knowledgeable, helpful, digified and decent
      gems to ever grace this Board. Your putrid torrents
      have caused them to leave here, a genuine loss to
      followers of this magnificent company, CMGI.

      If you
      are not aware of it, most posters here absolutely
      DETEST you. Why don't you slither back from whence you

      You disgust me to the very core.

      P. Magoo

    • I am long on CMGI and hope it will keep going up.
      Please be kind to your fellow investors. This thread is
      shared by people all over the globe without boundaries.
      I read posts here as well as at Raging Bull.
      However, I find the Raging Bull people are more curteous
      and mature.

      Frankly, I find your insulting to
      Brad and NYSkater to be very immature. These people
      are some of the nicest people on the Raging Bull's
      board. They have always stepped aside to help other
      investors who they don't even know.

      I hope you do
      the same and please stop insulting

      Happy investing and peace to all.


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