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    RTQ----CMGI AT 100 1/2 WILL OPEN UP !!!


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    • merrill lynch was in on ipo and float is less than 10 mill. Ever wish you were in when a stock gapped up in the am--buy etys today!

    • I enjoy posting my positions, and I feel like I
      trade better when I'm defending my positions. To me a
      cheerleader is someone who posts "this baby ids heading for
      the Moon" or "This shiot is headed to chapter 11" or
      "The market willapprove of this conference call" I
      don't run and hide when I'm wrong, cheerleaders do. I
      hope we're friends also, you're one of the few posters
      from Tueday who's still around.


    • <EOM>

    • get in quick

    • What I'd said was that 104 was overbought when I
      went short. I think that there's plent of room to run
      over 104 this time, my point all along was that CMGI
      is run up unreasonably every quarter into the
      earnings announcement. It happened again. Now is the time
      to buy, and I'm looking forward to 100 very quickly.
      Good luck to all longs, being short at this price is a
      recipe for losing money.

    • I didn't say it wasn't!!! I just stated that it's coming out of the Russell 2000 as reported by CNBC. This would explain some of the selloff. Geeeeezzeee

    • This is what Benjamin says about cmgi and

      <Our �optimistic� estimate of $150 assumes that nearly
      every company in the portfolio goes public and trades
      up to a very successful valuation in the near

      <We estimate CMGI�s �conservative� asset value is

      Have a nice weekend.

    • Most investors are bullish as seen from this poll. Interesting, isn't!!??

    • I hope this is so. I am going to copy and paste
      Keith Benjamin's (BankBoston Robertson Stephens) info
      from his weekly newsletter below regarding

      CMGI: CMGI reported Q3 results. As we value the stock
      on an asset value
      basis, and the majority of this
      value comes from non-consolidated
      investments, we
      continue to believe revenue and earnings mean
      little in evaluating CMGI. We estimate that CMGI has
      invested $56
      million of @Venture III and needs to
      reserve 3x this number for
      follow-on investments. This
      implies that there is roughly $50-70
      million remaining
      to invest in Calendar 1999. We believe both of
      next two funds, the first of which we expect to be
      raised by the end of
      the year, could be 2 to 4 times
      the size of @Venture III, or as big as
      $1 billion
      each. We continue to be impressed with the breadth of
      venture investments and subsidiaries, and with
      management�s strategic
      clarity. We are starting to see more
      regular news out of the company,
      as investments are
      reaching IPO stage. We expect this pattern
      thoughtful venture investing and successful liquidation of
      will fuel consistent increases in the company�s asset
      value over time.
      We estimate CMGI�s �conservative�
      asset value is $38. Our �optimistic�
      estimate of
      $150 assumes that nearly every company in the
      portfolio goes
      public and trades up to a very successful
      valuation in the near term.
      Until recently, CMGI was
      trading well above even our optimistic asset
      estimate, causing us to balk. With the stock price
      comfortably in our range of estimates ($38 to $150), we are
      enthusiastic, especially as we are able to gain visibility on
      catalysts, which we expect could be large investments or

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