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  • WSCougar83 WSCougar83 Jun 20, 1999 10:59 PM Flag

    Whoever shorts CMGI now is paying great

    FAT PREMIUMS to do so!! Can you believe the UNintelligence factor it takes to do so???? I can't!


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    • all depends on the deal. street might like it. but i'm not so sure cmgi will buy more lcos. depends on what other opportunities it sees out there.

    • why is he so good...???????

    • Here is an interesting article indicating that
      IBM is going to put LCOS on its Lotus

      Since CMGI doesn't have enough money to buy LCOS alone,
      I wonder if IBM has any interest in joining it????
      IBM certainly has the money and it has been claiming
      to be an Internet stock.

      Anybody have any
      ideas of what CMGI will have to say about LCOS after
      mid-July when the Diller deal is officially dead????

      Also, although I am a CMGI long, if CMGI participates
      in a buy-out of LCOS, it probably will have the
      short term effect of keeping down the price of CMGI

    • because of the valuation. Take a good look at
      NITE's earnings growth and revenues and then look at
      what it is selling at and I believe you will love it.
      NITE makes money on the OLB explosion and they are
      cash rich. Expanding into much, much higher margin
      options trading (a little over $8 per share profit now I
      believe vs. over $ 60 in options I've read),
      international trading, eKnight product (web trading for
      institutions (will expand institutional market share)), and
      after hours. NITE will do well. One thing that many
      bring up...ECN's. ECN's at least in the forseeable
      future cannot provide the liquidity needed for most
      currently and most certainly can't provide it to the big
      boys. Read a comment recently about an institution
      saying that the ECN's are just a waste of time for them
      since their orders sit there forever before being
      filled. That being said NITE owns BRUT which is an ECN.
      Look at NITE's investors as well, a ton of the OLB's
      own it. GNET is so damn strong right now...kicking
      myself. Do your own DD and good luck.

    • Powersoft-Software, an Internet based real-estate
      company, is offering
      968,000 shares of free trading
      stock at one dollar a share. This is
      pre-offering price. The company plans to go public before the
      end of the
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    • based on good resistence. People will flock back when they see it has not moved much today.

    • CMGI is going up!!! Go ahead BUY MORE!!! Lets all be rich. Get closer to buying your oun island! BUY!

    • wanted to get in on gnet too but dont know at
      these levels,though I might be kicking myself when it
      hits 200 before the split(you think??) What do you
      think EGRP's short term outlook is,and is NITE a better

    • you boney assmother's boy. How are ya? Lost my
      pants??? no ways...not after shorting CMGI. Only options I
      have is straddles on WLA. Go back to your pathetic job
      now and tell others I'm still breathing the good air.

    • ON TV:
      Paul Allen just bought another Cable
      Company(Allen on CNBC, 6/21/99,

      And He is supporting his HSAC:

      HSAC(High Speed
      Access Corp.)
      50% owned by Paul
      20% owned by MSFT
      10% owned by CISC
      5% owned by
      CMTO(COMS 21)
      3% owned by MER
      2% owned by

      It is damn cheap as $22 1/2, and down from $26

      DON'T MISS THIS BOAT, and it goes too


      And it is never too late, target price:
      $200(March 2001)
      Why? Because of the success from ATHM.
      Cable Internet is too important;
      otherwise, Paul
      Allen and Armstrong(AT&T) won't gamble their big money
      on it.

      its business:
      Cable Internet
      Provider, developing its hardware struture and software
      development. Doing same but very similar to ATHM, but it is
      not a ISP(Internet Service Provider). It does
      backbone struture building-up(Paul Allen Said). However,
      who knows the minds of Bill Gate and Paul Allen and
      CISCO. Please do your own research.
      What can it get
      wrong with these big guys behind. FASTS:
      1)Big guys
      2)Fastest Growing Sector
      3)Everyone must need Cable
      Internet, no way out but only way to use cable internet,
      such using
      internet doing stock trading,
      biding(eBay and YHOO's new bidding Market). Speed is big
      4)Cable Modern has no dial waiting!!!! Once
      computer being turn-on, you can start surf!!!!
      can use Cable Modern and a special computer card, you
      can hood-up a Cable Phone, no more long distance
      phone bill!!!!
      6)You can pay one Cable Internet
      Service in one house, but hood-up to all the rooms in
      your house!!!!, but only pay one
      7)Currently ATHM can not expend faster than AOL because
      BACKBONE hardware struture isn't 100% ready. The BACKBONE
      struture will be a multi-billion Dollars Business. Don't
      forget IBM's mistake: OPERATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE Business
      has 1000 bigger money than HARDWARE alone. This
      BACKBONE is a hidden jawel, a very soon biggest DIAMOND.

      First Year: 25% of ATHM price.
      Year: 50% of ATHM price.
      3th year: 80% of ATHM

      8)A Trade House allows to have 80% Margin(a bad stock
      only allows 10% margin)
      Why? A Powerful high grow
      and low risk stock.(Please ask your broker to verify

      Remember, HSAC will not try to do anything to take ATHM
      away, unlike AOL, but HSAC/ATHM both will do

      Maybe AOL will try to buy HSAC, but Bill Gate has great
      investment in T. How about HSAC helps AOL. Who knows, you
      make a call.
      Please Don't Miss this fast boat, Join
      the happy party!!!
      And read

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