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  • drstockmd drstockmd Jun 22, 1999 12:44 AM Flag



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    • i think i have seen maybe 2 episodes of the
      X-files in my life.
      no, this is not a fantasy-- and i
      am not in love with these stocks-- i want to make

      the future is always dominated by communication,
      transportation, and various technologies that improve production
      of goods and services.

      these innovations are
      what always drive the market higher.
      right now the
      net offers the most important communication
      revolution in history-- it also offers the ability to
      increase productivity and decrease cost--

      we are
      only at the beginning edge of what the net will
      some of the companies will make it, others won't-- but
      the survivers will be more important than FORD was to
      the automobile.

      you must imagine the
      possibilities when you can use wireless hand held devices to
      comminicate (audio and visual), shop, gather info, etc...--
      all in real time. you can walk down the street and
      find the best price for a set of golf clubs in the
      entire world-- and have them delivered before you trade
      a few stocks waiting for your lunch to be served at
      the restaurant whose menu and location you found in
      the cab that you called for in real time as you
      stepped outside the home you shopped for, bought, and
      mortgaged on line (with the best terms available in the
      country) and where you run your own internet small

      a phone is just a peice of copper wire and a
      look what it did to comunication

      the internet
      makes the phone look like smoke signals

      i want
      to invest and make money-- the best opportunity for
      growth is in the internet and the technology that makes
      the internet possible. e-commerce will also be huge
      and profitable.
      the worls is always full of those
      who doubt where we are going because they do not see
      where we have been


    • Knew you wouldn't disappoint me. And "when" do you expect this to happen?

    • when I caught that whiff of Ben Gay in the
      air...I love the smell of older ladies...where have you
      been...I really needed a shoulder to cry on with all the
      INTEL bashing lately.

      The large brokerage houses
      with their own MM will cut the legs of the NITE. With
      MER and others going online, the spread between the
      ASKs and BIDs will narrow. Days of MM high commissions
      per trade are numbered.

    • get you pie on this stock before its too late.

      any way long on CMGI

    • In a suprise move that shook the bedrock under
      wall street, Henry Ford announced that he would be

      To any customer
      that agrees to display sandwich board advertising an
      both sides of the car, until it's junked. You can
      drive an Edsel home tonight.

      The traders on wall
      street went crazy, driving Ford(F) stock through the
      roof to 12.5 cents (+6%) while punishing the outdated
      New York Times, The Washington Post, THe Saturday
      Evening Post, and Readers Digest.

      Traders were
      quoted as saying, "We have seen the future of
      Avertising" It is the Edsel.

      The company released
      forward looking statements that said every one in America
      sees a car at least once a month. That figure is
      projected to increase by 112% over the next 10 years.

    • episodes of the X-files. The net is nothing more
      than a bunch of hard disks and phone lines.

      "future dominated by wireless communication" - sounds
      like you are in love with your cell phone. Wireless is
      dying a slow death, just ask any Ericsson employee

    • I will probably be sorry for asking but exactly how and when is MER going to "knock NITE off their pedestal"? Please elaborate as only you can.

    • A major player in a downturn selling their best assets...I don't think it makes much sense.

    • with your brief analysis...
      these are some of
      the companies that will lead the way into the next
      your concerns would likely have kept you out of these
      stocks as they rocketed to 100's and 1000's of percent
      the street (by virtue of the price) feels these (and
      other) companies will define the future.
      perhaps you
      are right..i don't know
      but i am much more willing
      to bet on aol, cmgi, yhoo, cnet, etc.. than coke,
      ALD, T, and a thousand other more traditional
      companies you care to name.
      the future is not for the
      fearful--- but any 5th grader can see the future will be
      dominated by wireless communication that makes todays net
      look like tin cans and wire.
      information is power--
      and the web is a revolution in information that could
      rival the invention of telephone.
      i'll put my money
      where my mouth is-- in the years to come you will see
      what a huge opportunity we have today to be a part of
      the biggest story of our lives.

      have no
      fear...the net really is bigger than


    • n, hahaha. Next time, if you know ur enemy holds
      any stock,
      please let me know.
      By the way, I
      will not sell CMGI today which promises CMGI
      keep down today.
      I will let u guys know when I sell
      At that time, please get in and buy a lot.
      personally guarantee you that at that time, CMGI will
      Today is not CMGI's day.

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