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  • cvkids22 cvkids22 May 27, 2000 8:38 PM Flag

    Throw the bums out

    am not sure who we want out. the republicans have
    much more to gain by this downslide. if the market had
    stayed up and there were still large profits being made
    the democrats would have the election locked. the
    only reason bush has a chance is the collapse of the

    i am not trying to be arguementive, just throwing
    out ideas.

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    • CMGI is tanking for one reason, and one reason
      only ... Alan Greenspan decided the new economy tech
      growth stocks were witches brew or something and set out
      to drive investment funds back to his buddies in the
      smokestack industries. This has nothing to do with the
      quality of CMGI or the wishes of investors.

      In my
      opinion, Bill Clinton and his democratic party put
      Greenspan in office for another term because he takes care
      of their old economy political buddies. You will
      soon see the effects of the NASDAQ crash they've all
      triggered. You, or your neighbor, or your friends and
      family, will be out of jobs and have to take a low paying
      temp job with no benefits in some old economy
      industry. I say remember who caused this when you step into
      the voting booth this fall.

      I'll go one step
      further and say Congress should have more control over
      the Fed. Should one egomaniac have control over the
      world economy? Clearly, thousands or millions of
      investors were voting for CMGI and the new economy it
      represents. They were voting for it with their investment
      dollars. Then along comes Mr. Greenspan who decides to go
      against the will of all these investors and trashes the
      tech stocks. You can do your homework all day and pick
      great stocks but it means nothing if Mr. Greenspan
      didn't pick them too.

      How's that for throwing out
      ideas (and throwing the bums out of Washington)?

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      • is mostly an accurate assessment. However, always
        having been a value stock investor based on earnings and
        reasonable P/E's the crash in these new market stocks was
        inevitable with or without big Al's help IMHO.

        part of your message that I would like to draw
        attention to is the emphasis on the amount of power that
        certain people and offices have to push the bond and
        stock markets in any direction they choose whether or
        not the reasons are personal gain, political favor,
        or for the good of the US economy. Many shortterm
        decisions that are announced are made for the benefit of
        those in these positions. That is why it is important
        for investors not pay too much attention to the day
        to day noise and to try to pick up the trends such
        as interest rates, nasdac, etc.

        politicians go into office poor and come out rich. I doubt
        that they come out rich because of their superior
        saving habits.

        Just one example: If Bill Clinton
        had to pay income taxes on all of the personal legal
        fees that someone else has paid for him since he has
        been in office it would make for an interesting

        I may be wrong, but I have visions in my
        head of lobyists with atache cases full of cash
        targeting politicians on certain issues where they need
        votes for their clients. Politics is and has been
        corrupt since the beginning of time and it ain't likely
        to improve any time soon.

        In such an
        investment environment where nothing rational or logical
        happens it is tough to make a buck when an investor
        thinks rationally when placing his/her bets in the
        market. Now if you throw in investor greed, that makes it
        impossible to make a dollar!

        Oh me! Oh My!!

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