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  • Jademann Jademann Nov 3, 2000 3:29 PM Flag

    CMGI is a 50 dollar stock

    if it goes down it will not be far and not for long.

    Bull market till the spring is coming.

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    • Zembla, it doesn't matter if the company has good
      fundamentals or is undervalued, or if its "right" valuation
      will eventually come through. Who cares about the
      reality of its business? More importantly, why do you
      care? It's a company--it's not your friend. It doesn't
      care about you. Make your money and move


    • You misunderstood me. I do not *equate rising
      stock prices with "good" and falling prices with
      "bad."* as you say ; but i can see what are the
      manipulations going around. When i think of Shorts, they are
      not the 2K holders of the board, but the Big Boys who
      play Yoyo with the stocks. And you have to admit, it
      was a real killing out here, without any connection
      to reality of CMGIs business. It was a dumping. Now,
      you know as well as me that this company has very
      good fundamentals and is actually UNdervalued.
      Question of profitability applied to CMGI is a
      joke...everybody know that.

      This is not a question of
      *good* or *bad* investing. The *right* valuation of CMGI
      will come through time, and the valuation of the stock
      is NOT the miserable price we see today. JMO of

    • I don't have to sell anything for a tax loss, because I never hold anything overnight. I'm completely in cash at 4:00 every day.


    • You see, Zembla, that's your problem--you equate
      rising stock prices with "good" and falling prices with
      "bad." You also--like 95% of the rest of the investing
      population--get emotionally involved with the stocks you

      Stocks, as I'm assuming you know, go up and down all the
      time. Your job (unless you're in the market just for
      the hell of it) is to capitalize on those movements
      and extract money from the market. That's it.
      Companies aren't good or bad--they're just companies.
      They're money machines.

      If you're going to fall in
      love with a company, you might as well go get a job
      there. But don't invest there....


    • the "funny car" is gonna crash soon...
      won't be funny anymore for you when CMGI is ching
      triple digits...

      If you claim understanding how
      the stock market works, you may know what "tax loss
      selling" means...

      Tax loss selling is over, man

      Why is CMGI up 50 % since then ?

    • *What's insane about shorting? It's simply a mirror-image of going long*

      What's insane about killing? It's simply a mirror-image of giving life.

    • Really? It looks like a $21 stock to me. But then again, you live in the world of "should," while I inhabit the world of "is."


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