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  • possibilties36 possibilties36 Jul 1, 2010 2:32 PM Flag

    Tom Petty

    Quincy should re-name the firm after Tom Petty's famous song: Freefallin,Inc.

    And I think we should hire Bernie Madoff to manage our new partnership with Enron.

    Just a little humor for all of us as we watch our butt medicine stock.

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      This is the patent I believe and you can research through patent office if your compouter skills allow you to do any research This took about 5 minutes
      United States Patent 7,572,450
      Averback August 11, 2009

      Composition for preventing cell death and/or tissue necrosis resulting from contact with neural thread proteins

      Disclosed is a method of preventing, inhibiting, and/or ameliorating cell death and/or tissue necrosis in live tissue by contacting live tissue with at least a segment of NTP, or homologue, variant, derivative or mimetic thereof, where the segment of NTP, or homologue, variant, derivative or mimetic thereof is present in an amount effective to prevent, inhibit, and/or ameliorate cell death and/or tissue necrosis. The method is capable of treating conditions requiring prevention, inhibition, and/or amelioration of cell death and/or tissue necrosis.

      Inventors: Averback; Paul A. (Quebec, CA)
      Assignee: Nymox Corporation (St. Laurent, Quebec, CA)

      Appl. No.: 10/146,130
      Filed: May 16, 2002


      Related U.S. Patent Documents


      Application Number Filing Date Patent Number Issue Date
      60290971 May., 2001


      Current U.S. Class: 424/185.1 ; 530/300; 530/330
      Current International Class: A61K 39/38 (20060101); A61K 38/00 (20060101); A61K 38/04 (20060101)
      Field of Search: 530/300,350,402 514/2


      References Cited [Referenced By]

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      • Thats the NTP patent you moron, if it's the same protein, than our company just injected our NTP into our butt and it worked. Seeming saline works well too, google saline prostrate injection and you will find that it works about as well as ours.. Pretty scary i must admit. This is not why i am selling, however. I am selling because of disclosure issues and potential fraud issues. And I dont want to be fully invested when or if I may be right.

    • Poss, I hate to admit it, but you might be on to something. I'm gonna short my 325,000 shares of nymx to ............87 cents. Thanks for all your due diligence, I don't know where we would be without caring, thoughtful, considerate people like you who really are concerned with the regular people. Thank you.

    • Has anyone been to the company in NJ or Canada? Can anyone verify that they actually have a few employees? Is there a phd who worked on NX 1207, or inventedd it? Was the compound purchased? What is the compound, a protein of sorts? Is it patented? Where is the patent information? Is it a generic compound? does it work too well, meaning potentially could destroy existing living cells? Why is there no filings by the hedge fund? Offshore entity? Paul is a marketer, not a phd. He is an emergency room doc. Get it?

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      • A quote that may be important for all you bag holders:

        "Most injectants will cause localized prostatic necrosis and gland volume reduction with varying degrees of LUTS relief. Most new BPH injectibles will require close FDA examination as gland volume reduction may induce prostatic necrosis, which ultimately may prevent the FDA from any such approval."

        Perhaps we should focus or have quincy tell us that nx 1207 does not cause the mumbo jumbo above. Any why have our releases been written by a monkey?

        I hope i am wrong..

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