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  • prrcnthms prrcnthms Aug 8, 2011 5:23 PM Flag

    stock market bloodbath

    had the democrats agreed to a balanced budget amendment this wouldnt have happened. todays market plunge is an indication of the future. to blame the tea party is as sick as it gets

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    • Here is an alternative viewpoint. The wingnut Tea Party accepts Obama's "crazy" idea to raise 1 trillion dollars over 10 years from the richest americans who have net worth in trillions and accept s&P requirements for AAA status This is paltry 100 billion a year in tax increase a 2-3% increase in taxes for the wealthiest and you have a huge rally in stock market as government begins balanced progress to regain fiscal soundness while being praised by the rating agencies. The market gains several trillion in value and the rich more than off set their small tax increase in months. Counter that with the tea party of zealots idea that with the company (our government) going broke we decide we aint gonna sell no more products or raise our prices Cant expect no new income so we will just cut until were all broke Less jobs in government medicine pharma etc. Slowly we bleed the government reducing the military and sacrifice our security declare bankrupty and close shop
      Stupid is as stupid does as the the great prophet Forest Gump said. Now we lose 2.5 trillion in one day in markets around the world (2.5 times the amount Obama ask for in taxes) and the rich now get screwed far beyond their imagination along with all the middle class and pensioners and etc etc etc . The Tea party has changed the argument but ultimately their goal is the dismantling of the government They are revolutionaries and potentially stand to consume their very own members. Some facts 70% of tea party without college education. 50% on government payouts SSI, unemployment and medicare medicaid. These fools vote for their own demise. What fools and now we all lose money security for ourselves and our children while these fools are manipulated like pawns. This is my opinion.

    • Additionally a true balanced budget is not in the interest of the country or your household. You can build wealth through judicious use of debt I own my house but could not have had that opportunity without debt i ran a deficit for some time before getting ahead. You sound like a typical airhead Tea Party Zealot Please READ more than yahoo History is a good place to start and then economics would be a great subject. Reading talking points and listening to FOX news is just asking to be more stupider. You make the choice Balanced budget My God Fences on borders Goodness gracious, no new revenues when your going broke ugh No immigrants to help harvest food RACISM

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