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  • oct1929p oct1929p Aug 6, 2014 11:59 PM Flag

    Read the Sedar filing...

    Whoever bought the shares has a 4 month restriction on resale. This is the same as the last 2 sales. Whoever the buyer is, there are a real investor not someone looking to flip it in a few days or weeks. Also read all the Sedar filings and you will see that this sale is the exact same US dollar amount as the last one which suggests the sales were preplanned. Additionally, you will see that Dr Averback engaged with the attorney after the initial sale, again likely to put in place a preplanned program to sell shares at predetermined times in order to avoid all the conflicts and conspiracy theories that chat boards love.

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    • Alot of shares were sold at $5.10 and was negotiated a while ago- him selling that much is bad he is a jerk- but he is great at FDA application process the drug goes thru first attempt- just want him to get application filed soon !!!

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    • The agreement says for personal financial planning. He may be selling to family member(s) at or near market prices to move assets out of his estate and may have loaned the purchase price. I don't know about Canadian Estate tax laws, but if they are similar to those in the US (approximately 50% tax rate after the exemptions), this could be the reason. If this is the reason, it may signal he feels we are getting closer to a price spike coming from hoped for FDA approvals - yet since he has been doing this the last few years, it may not signal an expectation of near term FDA approvals.

    • What does Alain Fournier's reputation have to do with this?? As an attorney, he has no liability if his client turns out to be trading on material inside information. There are no representations or warranties in the filing stating that the seller is not privy to any material inside information, nor any such thing that would cause Fournier a problem. I"m sure the Doctor told him he had no material inside information. This has NOTHING to do with Fournier.

      As for this being part of a pre-planned and regular sales plan, that would be nice. And if it were true, there would be ZERO reason why that wouldn't be stated in the filing or publicly by the good Doctor. On the contrary, the filing on his first sale, for $2 million on April 1, 2013, explicitly states "DR AVERBACK HAS NO FURTHER INTENTION TO ACQUIRE OR SELL SECURITIES OF THE CORPORATION AT THIS TIME".

      Well, that changed by October of 2013, when he banged out $2.4 million of stock, this time with NO STATEMENT of any plans to sell more or not to sell more.

      And now, in August 2014, knowing all he knows about the trials, the problems, the delays in auditing and compiling, the struggles with trying to find a US partner, he bangs out another $2.4 million.

      He sells the same dollar amount as the previous sale in order to make SOME people think this was a pre-planned and preset amount. He's not dumb. It's exactly what you would do if you were trying to fool people into thinking it's part of a regular plan. If it's part of a regular plan, THEN SAY SO.

      Finally, Looky paints the case as to the harm that might come if he was trading on material inside information, was prosecuted and convicted. He knows it's very hard to prove material inside information. How bout this?? He makes a good salary, he's sold $4+ million of stock in the last 18 months. We are days or weeks away from the culmination of everything he's worked for. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU MAKE THIS SALE??? Give me ANY reasonable excuse.

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      • can't someone at least come up with the theory that he really believes the results are good, he's taken so much guff and static from skeptics and non-believers, he realizes that he will be rich beyond all his needs even with his reduced stake, and that he's making these sales to shake out anyone who has not believed in him, willing to forego the extra profits on these sales in order to make it so only the believers make money here...

        this is the ONLY positive scenario that I can come up with, where he thinks it all works out, and yet still sells stock... all other roads lead to him not believing it will work, and being willing to take his chances on the legal system prosecution......

        anyone else have a scenario where he believes this will work, and still sells stock???

    • Institutional buying? For me the second I saw CPPIB hold a stake I knew this company was worth something. It's so undervalued for a company going through phase III and holding a potential BPH standard of care treatment. Safety for this drug is impressive...everyone who knows about this company is waiting eagerly for phase 3 to be released- reconfirming earlier results.

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    • On a serious note, this is very interesting and telling to me. I have not seen this filing yet but it is consistent with what I have heard/deduced after his first sale. That is, Dr. A had to sell some of his stock for a typical personal reason and he was making sure it was all done on the up and up. Take that for whatever it is worth as I have no way to 100% confirm.

    • Man, get ready to get attacked as the shorts are not going to like this!

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