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  • b_zerkley b_zerkley Mar 2, 2001 11:08 AM Flag


    The time for the diagnostic test is now...not someday when MOX might have their drugs further along. They don't need more clinical proof/acceptance, they need sales. The Pharma's that have drugs, regardless of any limitations, need to get physician acceptance and identify patients. For a maintance drug, a $50 cost to accomplish either (or both) of those goals is minimal.
    And by the way, the Pharma's don't want to OWN the diagnostic, just rent it. If MOX is looking for major volume, and in relatively quick order, this is the path. It's my business...I know.

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      To those one or two legitimate stockholders here: ANNUAL REPORT! Ignore the blathering camouflage.

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    • You're welcome for the moniker. However, I can't commend you on "speerchucker". I think you'll appreciate my reluctance.

      Question: What in fact is their cashflow? That is in the truest sense of accounting, i.e. (GAAP) Not this misuse of the term "burn rate" and nevermind "orders". What are the actual revenues, cost of goods sold, direct and indirect, (including commisions and give-aways)after taxes? Ask the guy who goes in and walks around, because this is the only public company I'm personally aware of that doesn't report its financials...well, I haven't seen an annual report for 2000. Is it out?

    • Dear Speerchucker,my comments are based on remarks made to me by someone who visits and walks around over there on a regular basis.We all know how quickly 2/3s of the burnrate was retired after the Fall launch,so its no big stretch to assume momentum based on sales is a fact.If someone tells you things are going great,and that the test has really taken off,its probably not the time to go into a deep depression---is all Im saying.If they re happy, Im happy they re happy,and if cashflow were a problem,they probably wouldn t be happy!I love the retrihose moniker.Thanks

    • as I understand it,the product rents at 295.00 per copy,and the 50.00 you estimate is probably close to what the individual rep.earns for detailing the product and generating an order.The acceptance seems to have made the company profitable since the launch last fall,and sales don t seem to be a problem.Intern l distribution agreements offering exclusivity to national pharmas will broaden worldwide acceptance in due course.Giving away a profitable and unique product in exchange for promises of quick volume would be foolish.No competition enables this product to recover the investments made in research while holding to respectable profit margins.

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