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  • simplyfail simplyfail Dec 27, 2012 5:11 PM Flag

    Dear John Morgan

    Dear John Morgan, CEO, Zep Inc.

    Since we all assume, stockholders, employees and Zep sales reps, that it was your decision to go full steam ahead with our new software system, we only want to confirm a couple of things:

    Did you REALLY pay 2 to 5 million dollars for our new software system?

    Is there REALLY anyone in the United States who can tell any Zep customer when they are going to get their order?

    Have you REALLY authorized and spent 8 to 10 million dollars on the California lawsuit?

    As we were told, did you REALLY pay 2 million dollars for our now defunct ITZ?

    Do you REALLY have a 10 million dollar exit package?

    Does our Board of Directors REALLY approve of your actions?

    Are you REALLY so oblivious to reality that you don't read this board?

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    • This has been going on a long time. I guess now it is going to come to an end soon. What a good company at one time. Greed raised it's ugly head and bit the head off the golden goose and all it is doing now is flopping on the ground till it dies. It is a shame it is going to take so many loyal people with it.

    • Everything at ZEP better turn around, and do so quickly. I have never seen or heard of so many folks being down on everything since SAP got turned on. This use to be a fun place to work and brag about working for ZEP. Looks like mngt is right, those days are over too.

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