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  • tchoupitoulas_st tchoupitoulas_st Sep 17, 2002 12:21 PM Flag

    This reminds of the old days when

    As this stock does not pay dividends the only reason to own the stock is if you feel that it will appreciate because the management has been able to make the company more valuable. Buying back stock would simply lower current assets through a reduction in cash. This would make the financial statements look worse and hurt the ratios that investors look at to decide if they should invest or loan money. This would only serve to lower the value of the company and have a negative effect on the stock price in the medium term. In these hard economic times the cash on the books is better. More importantly, it�s about time that companies focus on building value and stop making all decisions based on the short-term stock price. If they build the company in to a profit-generating machine the stock price should follow.

    As for the lack of PR, as owners of the company, any you should be kept apprised of the business operations and future plans quarterly reports and conference calls and though 8k disclosures for unexpected material economic events. The lack of press releases coming over Reuters and others can only be interpreted as a lack of big sales or new products as this is the vehicle for announcing such events. Its really not a place to comment on the confidence management has in the on-going concern of the company. It would be counter productive anyway. Would you invest in a company that puts out a press release stating �don�t worry everything is fine.� That would be like an airline pilot getting on the PA system and telling everyone �don�t worry there are no mechanical problems or bombs on the plane�. Talk about inciting fear.

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