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  • naum_98 naum_98 Sep 25, 2003 12:32 PM Flag

    RCRAAM has some ..

    personal issues with LNOP as a company.He may have some insights into the industry as well,but his too obvious agenda totally negates that.He shuts up when the stock price behavior is not to his liking and crawls back during pullbacks,insulting people right and left.
    I used to communicate with him in the past, trying to get to the essentuals of what he was saying,but I am through with that.Perhaps everyone should try not to respond to him -we'll see how long he will be around talking to himself.

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    • You forgot GE. Did you sell office clips?

    • thanx_you_just_removed_all_doubt thanx_you_just_removed_all_doubt Sep 29, 2003 3:02 AM Flag

      You know.... I've been thinking.... with all the unproven, unsubstantiated, negative posting by rcraam & grumman05.... they have actually strengthened most people's conviction that EZchip/LNOP is a factor to be feared in this future chip market.

      With every post by rcraam & grumman05 it becomes more and more apparent how desperate they are becoming, to try and squash this stock's rise for transparently selfish reasons.

      They have a hidden agenda, are paid to post, and can't/won't ever deny it.

      I think they are actually beginning to help draw attention to this stock, and display in detail -- all the holes in the logic of their bosses that are short.

      I say we welcome them with open arms and thank them for the job they've done in helping prove our case for us, by showing how weak the short/opposing case is against EZchip.

      Heck.... we can even go so far as to say "rcraam & grumman05 are a LNOP/EZchip long's best friend!".

      So smile everyone. They are probably the ones most responsible for the stock rising lately....

      They've been creating buying interest in LNOP stock, WHILE they're stupid/short bosses have been trying hard to buy/cover.

      So, THANKS rcraam & grumman05!!!!

      LOL :-D

    • Happy New Year to you too. May Peace also enter your house.

    • NICE !

      Happy new year !

    • A woman came out of her house one morning and found 3 old men with beards sitting in her front yard. She asked them what they were doing and they said that 1 of them had come to be in her home. She went back inside and told her husband about the old men in the front yard. He said to ask them why they had come to be in their home. She went out and asked them. One said that He was wealth, One said He was Success, and one said that He was Love. They said that she should chose who would live in her home. She went back inside and told her husband what they had said. He said lets ask wealth in to our home. She said wouldn't it be better to have success? Their 6 year old daughter said Mom, Dad, lets ask love to come into our home. They agreed and the woman went out side and asked Love to come into their home. Love got up and started into the home and the other 2 started following. The woman said, "wait, why are the others coming in You said only one could come in". Love said, When Love lives in your home, wealth and success also live in your home.

    • for the new jewish year (which is today) I hope that we all will have a peaceful year with lots of health and prfits! (from LNOP).
      Also I wish that next year, this board will be LESS personally !!!! it is upleasant to read all these mutual insults, as if Ezchip main product is insults - is it ??
      You know, that before Yom Kipoor (Day of Atonement) every jew should apologize before any friend that he has offended.
      Have a new happy year !
      sorry about my poor English.

    • I agree, I also try not to respond to them, but even though I know it offends others on this board that truly have something relevant to offer, I can't help myself! I too will try to be magnanimous, but I doubt it will work. After all, rcraam has relegated me to the old folks home and and I am sure I can't shut up now!

    • Well, I think it takes a magnanimous person to be humble and not blow your horn like I sometimes do.. I try to keep my mouth shut but, when you get this mindless patter from grumman and rcraam it sometimes needs to be addressed. Unfortunately I allow myself to get distracted by these posts. I will try not to respond further to these 2 fools.

    • I must admit that I am not as smart or informed as any of you "folks" (catch that grumman). But what I do know is that I made several tousands today just buying additional shares of LNOP yesterday and reselling them today. And I am still way long on LNOP and happy to be so.

    • You loser. While you have been denigrating LNOP for the last year or more I have made tens of thousands in this stock. In 1979 I was a co founder in a company that became 2nd to IBM in the world in our industry and the 1st customer I aquired was General Motors and the 2nd was Westinghouse. 3rd the University of Michigan. This in a company that had no customers in November 1979 and they were all customers by Jan 1980. In 1983 I started a company that was 1st in the world in it's market area and today is a huge industry. Get lost You complete intelectual midget.

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