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  • zgoldansky zgoldansky Mar 18, 2005 5:36 AM Flag

    Mr Gilder

    screwd so many poor people here are some names that he told his clients to buy back in 2000 avnx at 118 now its at 1.31 and going to 0 another great call was amcc at 130 now at 3 and the list go on and on Lnop is another great pick this is another 0 in my opinion.

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    • Rcraam, or whatever your name is today, you are a lier.

      At the outset, please note that you have still not responded to message number 14444 and you have no credibility here. So when you state your opinion, it is meaningless.

      I don't know George Gilder, and frankly wouldn't care if I ever met him. He doesn't talk my language. I have subscribed to his Gilder Technology Report since 2000. Paid a lot of money in fact. I sense that he is somewhat of a pampas ass.

      What I do know is as follows:

      1. Gilder picks tech, not stocks. For example, the clear note in his publication reads as follows: "The Telecosm Technologies list featured in the Gilder Technology Report is not a model portfolio. It is a list of technologies that lead in their respective application. Companies appear on this list based on technical leadership, without consideration of current share price or investment timing. The presence of a company on the list is not a recommendation to buy shares at the current price."

      2. I have kept all of my GTR's since 2001. I can not find any reference to AMCC, nor can I find a rec to buy AVNX. AVNX has been listed as a tech leader, (no longer on the list however), but no rec to buy. Please provide support for your assertion.

      3. I question you for one reason, and one reason only. I do my own DD and am the only one to blaim for poor decisions. I have made a lot of money off of Gilder's picks. His report is a great source of information. You, on the other hand, have acknowledged that you are mad at him because you invested in this company (3,000 shares as I recall at about $13.50) and your clients are mad at you because they lost money. Who's fault is that? Gilders or yours?

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