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  • sergiocagasort sergiocagasort Mar 2, 2007 5:41 AM Flag

    Now it's 2009

    March Gilder out...Burger writes about EZchip it's 2009 when they ramp up and his guess-timate is a 60 dollar price....wasn't too long ago he said 87 and 2008...the elusive fish....every year it year

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    • blah blah blah. you post to me and about me, all day, every day. i simply respond and show newbies what a fool you are.

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      for a 25 year old, you sure threw in the towel early and have resigned to a life in the boiler room. sad.

      try to stick to the on-topic issues kid, just try. you can't and your lack of substance proves my point.

      your aliases are worthless and ignored by all users but a few other pumpers like you. pathetic.

      lol@u all day long.

    • actually, you are the one that is attacking personally and avoiding the key issues relevant to lnop and ezchip.

      i am merely replying to your childish attacks and exposing what a liar and a fool you are in the process.

      and that really gets under your skin, which is why you keep focusing your time and attention on me.

      it lets me know that i am getting to you, and you can't stop obsessing over me, and that makes me lmao.

      you used to be sharper and a little entertaining, but now you are just another pumper bore.

      lnop_board_monitor = corvholio = march782 (root account)

    • great post sergio. a good reiteration. even george gilder's own analyst has reduced his price target and pushed it out a whole extra year. i wonder if even further share dilution will drop that price target again soon? seems logical.

    • hey, bring out another alias from your group of 40. you're fooling everybody now alias boy! lmao

      got any intelligent thoughts on the reduction in price target, and extension of the target by a full year, from george gilder's camp? of course you don't. lol@u

      it was $89 in 2008. now it's $60 in 2009.

      i wonder what it will be reduced to after the secondary offering's further dilution and next quarter's shortfall in revenue yet again?

    • since george gilder's analyst, charlie burger, reduced his estimates and price targets recently (from $87/share in 2008 to $60 in 2009) i wonder if the final 22% remaining swap dilution and then a secondary offering will reduce those targets even further....

      i guess we'll know after the 2007 q1 report due out in mid may. until then, we'll just have to wait and hope it all works out for the best. even if the target becomes a more realistic $45 in 2009, that would still be a pretty good compounded annual return.

    • burnp

    • anyone notice that lnop_board_monitor & hates_morons_007 & captain_america & cooljus only post bigoted criticism and never anything worth reading relating to investing in lnop? i guess that makes you all the same person right? lol

      just because my current beliefs are more in line with mbm's, doesn't make us the same person. we are not. can you say the same? can you say that you don't post here under any other alias? no you can't. you already admitted to creating phony aliases to disrupt this board. you don't contribute anything but the equivalent of subway grafiti.

      try to be a better person and discuss the issues. defend your short term bullish position while the stock has fallen from 15 to 11. give your reasoning underneath your bullish conclusions. explain why you think my short term thoughts are wrong. is that you can't do any of that and you are just expressing your frustration with how wrong you've been? i suspect that is the case but i'll wait for your best reply.

    • there you go again trying to deflect and distract from the topic at hand. you aren't very clever. everyone can see that you don't contribute anything worthwhile, you just criticize anyone with an opinion that doesn't make the stock go up. (news flash: nobody here can control the stock via their posting, so what are you scared of?) too bad you aren't able to add to the conversation.

      maybe you can explain all the sell side volume today on such 'good news'. nahhhhh just keep calling me mbm and avoid your lack of knowledge on lnop. it works for you. its the best you have to offer. lol

    • rewh20a i was trying to make you think outside the 'bullish at all costs' mindset. your post described the vc's as the reluctant ones to exchange, which didn't match your comment of their desire to sell for 2 years. yes the exchange gives the vc's liquidity (like an ipo but less costly for lnop), but the key point is that they sold almost their entire eligible lot as soon as the first date arrived. that doesn't seem like a bullish move from any viewpoint.

      regarding the point you asked me to think about with ezchip employees, i suspect that their time horizon is much longer than the vc's from here. plus their employee stock options are likely on a 5yr scaled vesting schedule, and they are being compensated well to wait patiently. for the record i think the ramp *is* coming, i just think it is going to take longer than most people think. and that is ultimately why i think the vc's bailed as quickly as they could, while the market was strong and the stock was above 13.

      rumored design wins and actual news like today are good for a nice lift in the stock for a while but the revenues actually hitting are what everyone is still waiting for. once that finally happens the stock should break 16 and never look back. i see new alltime highs in 2009 and a lot of volatility in between now and then. gl 2 u

    • I'm sure there was a lot of negotiation that took place, due to the length of time it took, but the exchange gives the VC's liquidity, something they wouldn't easily have holding a minority stake in a private company.

      I suspect you are correct that the VC's would opt for an IPO versus the exchange.

      However, if you owned 28% of a company and didn't see a nice ramp coming, would you intentionally sink the shares with 1/3 of your investment to spite management? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, because they are still holding 14% of the company (financial suicide).

      My primary point in all this is simple. We don't know why they did what they did, so any assumptions (good or bad) are pure speculation, and worthless unless we know for sure.

      We will have better information after the 22, and we see what they do when they are free to sell the second wave.

      Let me ask you something and give you something to think about. EZ's employees are granted options and holding a stake in EZchip, and I haven't read that they have exchanged their shares. If the ramp isn't coming, why haven't they high-tailed it out the door? Certainly, they have much better visibility than any of the VC's. Logic should dictate that they would be first in line to jump ship at 15, right?

      What do you think they are waiting for?

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