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  • maconmonies maconmonies Mar 2, 2007 11:43 AM Flag

    not so friendly around here

    i just spent alittle time reading what you guys have to say, and one thing i can see already is it not so friendly around here.

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    • 2 months ago..gummy is still out of control

    • mbm, well that pretty much sums it up for you. look who happens to chime in with the new poster's arrival. lol the girls are good for a laugh now and then aren't they? lol

    • mbm, maconmonies alias was just created to mess with you. based on certain familiar posting qualities i think it is probably just another alias for lnop_board_monitor or hates_morons_007 or boardwalk97. don't let them try to fool you into thinking they have new support by such amazing coincidence. they have far too much time to kill with their boring lives. just ignore them unless they discuss ezchip's business specifically or lnop stock trading.

      keep posting your trading thoughts. i and many others find them helpful in the short run. keep up the good work. you've been eerily(?) accurate so far. i'll be amazed if march actually does collapse to single digits based on your new margin rules theory. props to you regardless. peace out

    • lnop-board-mon,

      1a - You have never previously confessed to creating the alias to "play" me, until now. If you have, simply provide the link to that post in your reply. (you can't)

      1b - Since you confess this is an alias to "jerk my chain", what is your regular posting identity? Are you man enough to be completely honest yet, for the good of all readers?

      2 - I posted back in November-2006 that I felt the stock was being manipulated by the MMs, based on the price/volume and bid/ask action. I called the top that day at $15+ and alerted other readers to protect them from getting suckered in at the top. I was right and called the fall to the 11's amid immediate hostility.

      3 - Ever since then I've gotten nothing but grief from your gang of Gilderites that supposedly don't respect this board and think we're all a joke - yet you all come here each and every day (to manipulate other readers for your personal benefit).

      4 - You group of Gilder worshipers have also admitted to keeping secrets from us fellow longs on this Yahoo board, and just now you've personally admitted to creating the childish animosity which has ruined this board.

      5 - Why can't you and your gang just admit that I was right, you were wrong, and for the good of all readers - just go away, back to your coveted subsriber-only GTR forum?

      6 - Have you ever considered that by my posting, maybe some investors that would have bought at $15+, didn't? And now they aren't bitter & jaded, and have more capital to invest while the stock is "on sale"?

      7 - Lastly, you seem to look at other readers and posters with different ideas as your enemy on this forum, when the truth is - this forum is best used harmoniously for us individuals to beat the MMs and institutions at their game of price manipulation.

      Of course, you won't address each item. You'll deflect and distract, creating a new thread - or maybe yet another alias to call me names. What a sad existence you must feel.

      I feel sorry for you and your gang of closed minded manipulators. If only you had listened back in November.

      I'll leave you now to talk to yourself and your fellow gang members, bashing me and all my ridiculous (100% correct so far) predictions about the stock price.


    • macon,

      Thanks for your reply. My responses:

      1 - This is not just a "theory". I know for certain that people are paid to post on Yahoo and other message boards, mostly for micro-caps. That is a fact. Most everyone here will tell you they exist, paid mostly to bash here years ago - and recently I believe paid to pump while the VC's dump the stock. This is a known business.

      2 - If there was an agreement to sell the stock at $10.50 per share in October, then it would be disclosed in the original filing (which would have had to have been in October then). The filing discloses the transaction happened between the January 12th initial filing, and the February 12th amendment. The market price of the stock during that timeframe fluctuated between $11.70 and $14.25

      3 - If you are new to Wall Street micro-cap manipulation, then I suggest that you will learn a lot while you are invested in this stock. It has a long history of funding and R&D in a very competitive industry, where competition and greed will have people doing surprising things when viewed by the average investor. Wall Street has a very dark side on the small/micro cap level, but most people never see it or are made aware of it. I know because I've seen it in action personally. I was never a part of it, but I knew of people who were and was initially shocked like you.

      4 - Your analogies with kids are very pertinent on this board, and your patience will likely be tested over time - especially if you ever question the conflicting statements made here by some. They slip up from time to time and if you catch them at it, they will turn on you and attack. Just give it all some time, and keep these things in the back of your mind. You will see, as we all that have been here for more than just a year have.

      Have a good weekend.

      MBM :-)

    • thanks for the link and a couple of quick thoughts regarding your post, from my understanding most/alot/some/all VC funds have a lifespan some 5, 7, 10+ years and they must close down those funds; sometimes that may come at an inopportune time or maybe the $10.50 deal was agreed upon back in October when the stock was trading around $10.50. Your conclusion that people are being paid to post on yahoo seems preposterous to me. Sometimes people say or do things to see what type of response it may provoke and will do so especially to people they sense are ripe to be enraged. Kind of silly, and a waste of time provoke/respond/retaliate/respond; but that is what "kids" will and can do until they realize the worthlessness of their behavior. Most kids will respond by saying "it's not my fault" or "he started it first" and as a parent you hope they grow out of the stage, but some people carry this behavior all the life...

    • macon monies,

      Welcome to the board. It used to be a very friendly environment around here, until about 6 months ago in November.

      If you go back about 18mos and read at your leisure, you will see who has appeared just recently and has nothing to contribute but criticism and name-calling.

      LNOP/EZchip is a great long term speculative play. Just be patient and objective about your investment when reading this board.

      Many here will post whatever they can to hype the company, regardless of what is actually happening with the stock in the short term.

      You can tell who the name-callers and non-contributing critics are, so take them for what they are worth - a grain of salt. Make your own mind up and you'll be happiest.

      Most of the disagreements here started with my bearish call on the day the stock topped at $15+. I am a long time bull on this stock (pre-Millenium) and I trade more long shares "than I should" from time to time.

      I sold those trading shares at $15 and will buy back when I feel the downswing is over. Many on this board hate me for that objectivity and trading mentality, but that is what several of us do.

      So take each comment within a time perspective, and you will be best off imho. If you are a trader, read all the posts for content that you consider meaningful.

      If you are a buy and hold investor, read with a "long term" eye only and you will avoid many of the silly schoolyard situations.

      Best of luck to you. If you haven't read my posts in the past 6mos since the peak, I expect us to break into the 10's and maybe even high 9's sometime between now and July.

      Best Regards,

      MBM :-)

      • 1 Reply to message_board_monitor
      • thanks that was civil of you. but i see you do a fair amount of name calling yourself. why can't we all respond with some degree of decorum? sometimes it is better to turn the other cheek or just walk away. There is no need to brag, we can all keep our own score cards. Looks to me that stock hit $15 dollars in early 2002 and late 2004, but did not stay up around there like it has this time. yes 15 to 9 looks like the previous range, but with their new chip accounting for alot of their 4qtr sales my friend says it looks pretty good about now.

    • I forgot to say that this fellow also told me that this stock should not drop below $10.65 but if it did then i should think about selling out. other wise buy as much as i could because the odds look pretty good... $1.50 possible lost compared to 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 plus dollar gain in the next year or so. What do you think?

    • a fellow i know told me all about this company and he says things look pretty good to him. specially since last fall when there new chip came into production when the stock was around $9 and it's at 12 now. he also said that the charts look pretty good to him...still above the 200day...and that there is a meeting in 11 days that should spread the news to some more people. and that this whole internet thing is being rebuilt to go faster and faster and that these new chips will be needed by alot of folks that made these machines.

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