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  • grumrnan05 grumrnan05 Sep 19, 2007 10:54 AM Flag

    notice how all the aliases are gone at the same time again?

    lol at how easy it is to see when both boys are busy with other jobs on a busy market morning.

    they are posting furiously on their other job's boards now, trying hard to keep all the aliases straight.

    and now we know what a few of the new jobs are, by fly-boy's 12 days of postings.

    they aren't very smart. lol@u2

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    • And you are so right! If LNOP was an exciting investment before the recent announcement, it is now down right spine tingling with a total addressable market that just tripled with the new family of processors. In terms of valuation, and with what we know is in the revenue pipeline, the current stock price will soon be looked back upon as a bargain. With the two conferences under way, I would expect a nice bump up by the end of the week. To the rest of the board: Grummy's doubts have been cleared up, he is squarely on board - be nice. I would suggest that it is a good time to put aside previous squabbles and pull together with constructive comments as we watch our investment grow. It is truly an exciting time!

    • i think it is very funny (and very telling) that you keep calling me a "basher" even though i have dropped all of my valuation concern posts.

      our valuation is no longer a concern in the short run, since the news that "our total addressable market increased threefold" was leaked to deep pockets somehow last week.

      all of my posts since that *major* news release have been bullish and optimistic regarding our long term future. but apparently you still want others to ignore me.

      the smart readers of this board are wondering why????

      you alias puppeteers will do anything to get people to put me on ignore, so they don't learn the truth about your nefarious agenda and activities.

      transparent and pathetic.

    • translation of captain_alias_lies and taraflour and boredwalk.......

      "yes sir mister boredwalk, our almighty leader of truth (lies and misdirection really), we will follow your wise example and bury our heads under the covers. negatives only exist if we talk about them."

      lol@u alias puppeteers. you think readers are very dumb. your manipulation game is very tired and transparent. you are only fooling yourself alias boy and cohort(s).

    • for being so "unimportant" and "ignored" by all of you (lol), you certainly spend an awful lot of time trying to spew anything you can on this board to get *others* to hopefully ignore me (for your next round of pumping?).

      readers are a lot smarter than you alias puppeteers think. they can see how little you discuss the relevant issues of our company, especially the negative ones that risk our capital.

      your bosses pay you alias puppeteers to pump pump pump, so they can achieve their hidden agendas.

      keep trying, and keep lying, but readers are smarter than you give them credit for.

      they can see that while you profess to others that i should be ignored, somehow you all end up talking to me or about me in just about all of your bitter alias pumper posts.

      lol@u alias boy and cohort(s).

    • It's not worth it he's not the masked man or hero for the board. Instead its pretending: He's in the stock, trading the stock, likes the company, doesn't believe in the as thought the company is overvalued. Absolutely, nobody in my opinion can benefit by discussion with him. I'm a tenacious one for truth but this one is not worth fighing. Its always the same case. Would make Ted Kenehy look sober behind the wheel at his driving school.

    • Well seeing as I was the only one replying to him today, perhaps I should get with the program and put him on ignore also. Consider it done.

    • mx,

      i raised the issue of their simultaneous disappearance yet again, and you responded to imply that it isn't a concern. call it what you like, but you responded by minimizing the issue.

      you seem to be bothered by my pointing out to readers that they all come and go *at the same time*. at least most of them that are used by the original alias boy. his cohort is here now.

      captain_alias_lies pretends to ignore me, but always finds a way to justify his need to reply and keep the board from seeing him and his cohort for what they are.

      you can side with whomever you want to on this board, but you lose credibility because they virtually never address the relevant issues and only show up to pump pump pump.

      but that is really why you are here anyway right? you don't care to address any negatives either, which is why you side with them in the first place. they pump your position.

      you have already posted to prove that it isn't a moral or ethical decision for you, just whether or not it is good for your long position. that's where we differ.

      feel free to continue mocking the issue like a child. it only reveals your true mentality towards the seriousness of investing in this tiny and volatile company.

    • Captain,

      Your a good man don't put me in the frey. IF nobody answers him he will look even more ridic than he already is. The best action I've ever seen on the board when GRUM is left alone and nobody to rant with. That is his value to the board so leave him alone as he was designed and lets all laugh at the post to and from himself void any interaction.

      I turned him off days ago and it feels great less to do its like a prey going to heaven. Try it, everybody put him on ignore!!! I did (this is not an infomercial!!!!!

    • Thanks! I cracked myself up that time. I think Boardwalk started that "uh oh uh oh" thing. It gives such a great image of grummy and his incessant posting.

    • >>yet you responded in defense of all the aliases' simultaneous disappearance again.<<

      Do you really believe this? I responded, but in defense? How do you figure?

      What was your pre grumrnan05 Yahoo ID? Boy I'll bet you wish I would quit asking that. that question is really a problem.

      uh oh nowhere to turn. uh oh I wish MX would quit asking me that. Uh oh his VC boss told him to keep asking me that. uh oh he asks me that question and at the same time in the next room EZ's receptionist hits the sell button. Uh Oh shes going to get a new set of boobs and the little guys is going to have to eat mac and cheese. uh oh SEC must be notified. code red! code red!...

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