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  • mxlnop mxlnop Sep 24, 2007 9:36 AM Flag

    JNPR demo'ing MX960

    Check news under JNPR. This is one of the Juniper devices EZ is in. You figure at some point during these shows soemone who has never heard of ezchip will walk away with new knowledge.

    It's my guess this device is a damn good piece of gear and is probably why we got into Cisco. I think Cisco needed a me to device to this Juniper part. This thing is the basic buildign block in making old networks ethernet capable. It looks like the world is going ethernet, TV, voice data everything.

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    • i raise serious questions about facts and issues that are likely to be important to all true longs who don't want to lose money by finding these things out after-the-fact.

      you call this "fear mongering", which only points out and justifies why i raise these issues. they are true and show this stock isn't a sure path to riches (yet).

      these issues expose the fear already in the back of the minds of objective investors, and help keep everyone rationally focused on the facts instead of just hope and hype.

      you need readers to avoid the factual issues and focus on your hope, hype and cheerleading. that is your job here.

      your motives are transparent. nobody reads your posts anymore. you are ignored by all honest investors. your aliases and lies have been exposed. you are irrelevant.


    • jeffries buying the stock and flipping it has absolutely nothing to do with the fundamental operations of our business at ezchip.

      please don't tell me you are that ill-informed to relate stock action to fundamental operations of a business.

      if you can't or don't want to comment (on the very small slice of contract revenues at juniper which are actually likely to make it to our balance sheet), you don't have to post anything.

      but to change the topic to your confidence level based on a broker's actions is just another way of avoiding the issue that scares you. you don't have an answer.

      it's okay to not know, but to change the topic like you did is pretty transparent. you are actually exposing the fact that there is no good answer and this is a valid area of concern.

      i know this, but was looking for some answers to think otherwise.

      bottom line appears to be that you can't provide any such answers.

      we continue to live in a world of risk with this stock at these prices and so little actual progress on the books.

    • My putting forth an opinion on revenue predictions that has at its basis the fact that Jeffreis and Co. just placed a lot of stock at 18.50 is very much an answer and very much on topic.

      The fact that it so effectively neutralizes your fear mongering is why you wish I would just not post.

    • if you didn't have any answer for the entire point of my post, about our tiny share of those 2 year jnpr contracts that are being negotiated right now, why reply to it at all?

      you appear to have wanted to push your own agenda onto the thread, rather than starting your own from scratch.

      if you aren't going to address one's post at all, because you "don't know", why wouldn't you just start your own thread to start another topic that is unrelated?

      it's kinda like me asking you "why is the sky blue?", and you reply "i don't know, but let me tell you a little about being a jahova's witness......".

      i hope you see the point, and i hope you weren't just trying to be a distractor from this important revenue issue or just another pumper at any cost.

    • "I can't tell you about revenue predictions. I don't think anyone knows for sure, it's all a guess." This is word for word what I said in the first line of the post your just replied to. How can you say I ignored the question, I simpy do not know the answer.

      I go on to point out that the "tale of the tape" which includes the fact that Jeffries and Co. just placed a bunch of stock at 18.50 says to me that some pretty smart people have determined the reveue potential is a lot higher than what Linely or anyone else has put forward so far.

      In short I have no idea what the revenues will be, but I'm taking my cues from what is happening currently and I am confident the potetial is there to support this stock at levels above abaove 18.50.

    • mxlnop,

      you totally avoided the entire point of my post, regarding the small projected revenues we are likely to receive out of the 2 contracts juniper is working on at verizon and att wireless.

      you turned my purely revenue oriented post into a post about lnop market cap and juniper's analyst news.

      either you avoided the revenue issue on purpose, because it scares you too, or you simply misread my post.

      if you simply misread my post, and aren't trying to deftly avoid it, here it is again for you and all objective longs:

      this is a very important issue imo for all longs expecting huge revenues very soon.

      i'm concerned that our tiny cut (~3%) of these total deals is not going to add up as fast as most here hope, especially if closing these deals takes so long apparently.

      anyone that can address this concern politely and rationally would be helping all longs stay in the stock during the upcoming bumps in the road. they are inevitable.

    • I can't tell you about revenue predictions. I don't think anyone knows for sure, it's all a guess. How many predicted what google paid for you tube, back when it was just getting going? The shares act like some well connected people believe revenue will not be a problem and there is something to be said for the tale of the tape, especially in an under followed stock like this.

      LNOP isn't exactly an irratioanal exuberance stock like Rambus at one time or KIDE, rememebr the Pokemon frenzy? However we might get there one day despite your stamping of feet over proper valuations.

      Here is a newsy from the same Stifel outfit.

      NEW YORK, September 7 ( - Analysts at Stifel Nicolaus & Company maintain their "buy" rating on Juniper Networks Inc (JNPR.NAS), while raising their estimates for the company. The target price has been raised from $30 to $41.

      In a research note published this morning, the analysts mention that the company is witnessing favourable market trends. Although Juniper Networks has an impressive product portfolio, it lacks efficient execution and has initiated several measures to rectify the problem, the analysts say. Stifel Nicolaus & Company expects the company to launch Ethernet-based products in the latter half of the month, which will provide the company exposure to new markets. The EPS estimate for 2008 has been raised from $1.10 to $1.14.

    • hopefully these demos at carrier ethernet world congress this week in geneva will raise awareness of jnpr's mx960 and hopefully stimulate first adopter interest quickly.

      anyone with experience seeing a leading edge product like this at a conference, and the average time it might take to complete negotiations for a first order, plus the time it would take until actual shipping and implementation, would be greatly appreciated by all longs i'm sure.

      looking forward to a robust 2008-2009.... my only concern remains short term price/valuation and the "stealth" shares that will soon appear for total outstanding count and market cap.

      my guess is that we will have somewhere between 25-30 million shares outstanding after all swaps and ez employee stock options are converted to the "new company" stock ownership ratios.

      this is my constant internal struggle with this stock. longer term progress optimism, against short term reality and practicality.

      at $20/share and 30 million shares out total, our mkt cap would be $600 million already right now.

      this is why i always hold a core position, increasing it over time from "free" trading profits from the inevitable swings from oversold to overbought.

      good luck to all honest investors and traders.

    • thanks for the info mxlnop. does this mean that juniper is now ordering np-3's, at least for "demo models" to show clients around the country and world?

      if that is the case, do you have any time estimates between demos like this, and actual orders and delivery of final product to these end users? tia

      also, if cisco has the "me too" attitude to these important components, do we know how they differentiate themselves from juniper yet?

      is it the mrvl/ez relationship that will offer the unique differences? plus maybe other cisco software or customer service differences?

      i do not work in this industry, so i don't know why a cesr customer would choose a jnpr over a csco or vice versa. anyone that does, and would enlighten all longs here, would be greatly appreciated.

      now all we need is the cesr buyers to start feeling the need to upgrade fast and differentiate themselves asap, for the future. good luck to all longs.

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      • mxlnop,

        you said you didn't have time for this yesterday, but you seem to have much more time on your hands today for this more serious topic of interest to all longs most likely.....
        1 - do you have any time estimates between demos like those at the geneva conf this week, and actual orders and delivery of final product to cesr end users?

        2 - if cisco has the "me too" attitude you mentioned, to these important components (npu's), do we know how they differentiate themselves from juniper yet?

        3 - is it the mrvl/ez relationship that will offer the unique differences? plus maybe other cisco software or customer service differences?

        i do not work in the networking industry, so i don't know why a cesr customer would choose jnpr over csco, or vice versa.

        anyone that does, and would enlighten all longs here, would be greatly appreciated by many i'm sure.

      • I don't have time ti get into all of this right now. Suffice it to say as the world goes ethernet the wireless, wired, copper, cable and fiber networks converge. Simutaneously data, voice, video and anything you transport electrinically will converge into one network. When that happens Cisco Juniper and everyone will be fighting a battle with software. It comnes down to network applications. This bodes well for EZ since if the world goes to being just a big fat ethernet pipe then all the gear these guys make just becomes a commodity. If on the other hand the netwrok is not just ehternet but application basded therntet then you need network processors. Even the service providors don't want to see comoditizition. (sp) Verizon wirelss guts cell phones and sells at extra cost what the phone could do by itself on a different network.

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