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  • pats194fan pats194fan Sep 27, 2007 12:45 PM Flag

    Institution Activity

    My Fidelity account shows earnings to be released around 10/23, also the last 30 days shows, Instituitions buying no selling!

    3rd Quarter 2007 LanOptics Earnings Release (expected)
    8:00 p.m. 09/19/2007 Provided By CCBN Street Events

    LanOptics is expected to announce 3rd quarter 2007 results on or aroundOctober 23, 2007.
    Last Trade: 18.8600 [-] (Delayed Quote) 09/27/2007 12:25pm
    Change: -0.0600 -0.32%
    Volume: 43,480
    Today's Market 09/27/2007 12:41:53pm

    Last Change
    DJIA 13,885.79 +7.64
    NASDAQ 2,707.25 +8.22
    S&P 500 1,528.08 +2.66
    Russell 3000 883.87 +2.18

    Snapshot Quote/Chart News Analyst Opinions Fundamentals Tech. Analysis
    Earnings/Dividends|Valuation|Growth|Profitability|Ownership|Financials|SEC Filings
    Print Current Total Number of Outstanding Shares 15,670,000
    Institutional Ownership
    Top 10 Holdings 25%
    Mutual Fund Ownership
    Top 10 Holdings 0%
    Other 74%

    Net Share Purchase Activity Last 30 Days Last 3 Months Last 12 Months

    Institution Shares Purchased 1,058,027 1,820,454 3,116,592
    Institution Shares Sold 0 167,537 2,369,749
    Net Institution Shares Purchased 1,058,027 1,652,917 746,843
    Change in Ownership (%) 6.75% 10.55

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    • what happened captain?

      did you forget you about putting me on ignore?

      nice try to pre-excuse your absence yesterday.

      the board was quiet, because *you* were gone.
      (you and all the aliases, coincidentally & simultaneously)

      pretty simple formula actually....

      you aliases don't post = good board for objective investors

      lol@u alias boy #2.

    • yes, mister "new guy", go to the gilder board and stay there. that *is* the best board for you! you obviously have nothing to contribute here, so bye bye.
      (oh that's right, you've already left [twice now] and aren't coming back. lol!)

      btw, if gilder's board is so great, and this yahoo board is so bad, why do you keep coming back and wasting your time?
      (oh that's right, you are trying to recruit people to leave yahoo and pay $200 to join gilder)

      lol@u and your transparent motive since you arrived here just a few days ago with "profstok" and "roadrage".

      you people that don't want to contribute to discussing lnop or ezchip on this board, are a waste of time & cyber space.

      either post something on-topic (about the stock, company, industry or investing) or join the group of other aliases being ignored by most honest readers.

      if you aren't here to contribute on-topic info or opinions, then you are only here to ruin this board.

      pretty simple really.

    • i guess alias boy had other boards to work on today, so why not create a "reason" for the "all at once absence" of so many of his/their aliases? lol

      surely they will all be back again at the same time, coincidentally "un-ignoring" me to justify their simultaneous reappearance and renewed attention toward me.

      they must really think you readers are very stupid. they know i'm not, which is why they try so hard to supress my exposing them and the topics they want to hide while they pump.

      honest readers, you should really look at these "coincidences" as they are not coincidences at all. they are doing a job. and the job is you and this board.

      be careful of the aliases that don't want to discuss the stock, but just want to perpetuate the personal attacks to avoid the negative issues they are trying to hide or bury.

      all imho.

    • your campaign to control the flow of factual information that isn't the most optimistic view of lnop, is pretty pathetic and transparent.

      if you think lnop longs (or future longs) are so ignorant, that they can't see your motives to keep this forum as a "cheerleading only" venue, you are sadly mistaken.

      lnop longs are some of the smartest people and are early adopters because of their ability to remain objective and view all information about new investment opportunities.

      the majority of them imho would probably be more interested in the avoidance of losing their capital already invested, due to some short-lived pumping scheme, than putting blinders on.

      if you were really interested in the well being of lnop longs, you would spend your time showing us all why we shouldn't worry about the negatives that arise over time (like any stock).

      instead, you try to control the board, and tell others to ignore these factual risks. do you really think you are fooling anyone into believing you are trying to protect them?

      you are only trying to control this board for your own personal gains and timeframe. thanks for making it even more obvious now.

      you won't/can't put me on ignore, but you want everyone else to?

      lol@u alias boy

    • that would be great, if it were really true. but we all know how you "people" work.

      besides, you totally avoided any rational questions of how you happened to arrive here for the first time so "coincidentally" just to defend profstok.

      i guess i nailed you completely and you can't defend the ridiculousness of your "coincidences" and motive for first posting here. good to know.


    • welcome to ignore!

    • hey richard ferrier, welcome to the lnop-ezchip board! and i see by your profile that you were just born a few minutes ago, and this is your first time posting ever! wow, what an honor.

      happy birthday to you!
      happy birthday to you!
      happy birthday dear (whoever you really are).
      happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu! lol

      some truly amazing "first time" coincidences are appearing on this board all at once in this thread. amazing i'll tell ya. just coincidentally amazing!

      you "people" are hilarious. lol@u alias boy(s).

    • profstok,

      go ahead and put me on ignore. lol

      you've already proven that your intent isn't to share any useful information with yahoo readers, but more exactly to send anyone willing to pay $199/yr over to the gilder forum.
      (that was the recommendation of your 2nd post ever on this board, at 3:00am on 9/27)

      you've already exposed your belief and agenda for being here, and you've never contributed anything here to further the "knowledge sharing" relating to lnop or ezchip.

      so go ahead, pretend to put me on ignore. it won't make a difference to me. you aren't a contributor here in the least bit, so why would i want you to benefit from anything that i bring to the attention of any true objective fellow longs.

      good riddance.

    • roadrage, thanks. i noticed that profstok's only posts are on the sigm board (with the exception of her recent ones here). i'm sure your personal experience on that board has been better than here for sure.

      even though sigm seems to be a gg pick too, according to you, sharing info on the sigm yahoo board doesn't seem to be the problem it has become on this board.

      with gg's members taunting and degrading this free yahoo board community with their supposed superior knowledge of our beloved company, it doesn't really do too much for member credibility imho.

      true and honest longs would want to help other fellow longs hold their shares imo, and together help encourage awareness of the merits of our mutual investment to future potential longs.

      on a side note.... exactly how did you happen upon this board all of a sudden too, and your first post here is to vehemently defend another recently new poster (profstok)???

      can you help all of us longtime yahoo board members understand all of these "first time posting" coincidences that all show up in this thread?

      p.s. - how can you possibly "know" that profstok is not a paid poster of any kind? do you know this person in real life and know what they do for a living for certain? if not, your "vouching" is worthless imho. it is just your mere "belief". hopefully you understand the difference.

    • newtolnop, thanks for your candor. sorry if that legality seemed threatening to you, but this board has seen its run of paid posters over the many years. i didn't believe it for a long time, until i saw it for my own eyes due to a yahoo glitch that reveals what the paid posters think is a secret. thank you for your compliments too. i guess i've just become a little jaded since i found out about the alias game first hand with irrefutable evidence. once one sees this and realizes the lies, it is hard to go back to being so trusting on this anonymous and virtually uncontrolled community. the manipulators know exactly what they can get away with, and what they cannot. lying directly about their "business" here is one that can shut down any of their firms. it just takes time and lots of effort. and no, i'm not a gilder subscriber. i think his actions are sometimes questionable and not something i want to support, but i do believe he has it right as far as ezchip is concerned. personally i just wish he'd use less hype and let the company's performance take care of raising the stock price over the long term. being pushed from below rather than pulled from above, if that makes any sense. good luck to you, and try to keep us fellow longs informed of the things that are no longer timely over there on gilder. maybe with enough reasons coming our way after-the-fact over time, subscribership would increase more naturally for them.

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