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    to ALL LONGS: regarding new Cisco edge router news

    To all longs, respectfully and honestly:

    The link I provide below has the most details I could find on this new Cisco product announcement, and it may possibly explain our large decline from near 25 to now 10 in just a less than 6 months.

    Note these excerpts from the article:
    - "Key to the system is the 1.3 billion transistor flow processor, an 80W chip made in a 90nm process at Texas Instruments and designed using Cisco's customer-owned tooling. Each of its 40 Tensilica cores can handle up to four threads, far beyond the raw thread-level parallelism of Sun's 65nm Niagara or Intel's 45nm Penryn server CPUs."

    - "As many as 100 engineers took part in the project, including former microprocessor designers from AMD, Cyrix, Intel and Sun as well as the team that designed the multi-core ASIC for Cisco's CRS-1 core router. The group pushed detailed chip design to a new level even for Cisco, one of the top captive ASIC design companies in the world. They worked on circuit designs, memory designs, did their own chip layout and RTL—even designed their own package, another Cisco first."
    (no EZ mention)

    - "Cisco has filed for 42 patents on the new router, most of them on the processor." (!!!)

    Could they be stealing our IP right out from underneath us, just by working with us and leading us on to learn our secrets?

    Or was this specific product type never something we ever planned on winning anyway????

    Frankly, I'm very nervous right now and don't want to believe that Cisco would wreck us this early, but that could possibly explain our huge drop to this point.

    I don't know what to think right now. Any thoughts from anyone with any technical expertise on this board?????

    All opinions and insights are encouraged, good or bad. I prefer the truth, even if it hurts. TIA



    Cisco puts high-end silicon on the edge
    New service router packs custom 40-core CPU

    Rick Merritt
    (03/03/2008 8:48 PM EST)


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    • "It doesn't have the performance of the 7600 at the higher end, and it doesn't have the price point of the 7200 at the lower end," Shetty admits. Moreover, he notes the ASR isn't a carrier Ethernet platform like the 7600."

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      • Thanks for sharing the article Richard. I understand that we offer chips that perform much better. That issue is clear IMHO.

        My true concern is not about our chips being "better", but more about whether or not Cisco "worked around us" (and took potential revenue from us that we were counting on competing for through them) on this edge router addressable market - and whether we should prepare for that possibility on other products and addressable markets too.

        I hope I have articulated this specific issue well for all to know that I am not "overly panicked" about our product quality per se, but more about Cisco's intentions and methods in business regarding to our chip related future together.

        I realize we can never know what they WILL do going forward, but if we can define what they did with THIS product and addressable market - then we can prepare for a likeminded mentality from them going forward.

        I'm sure I'm not the only one that was surprised to see that they secretly developed this new "processor" with so many patents filed on it. This means their engineer team is competing intillectually with ours, no matter how one tries to look at it IMHO. That is the real concern for ME right now.

        I never thought my prediction over a year ago (of a competing in-house secret chip project coming out of Cisco) would actually come true, but when I read the news it made my heart stop.

        Surely I can't be the only one concerned about Cisco working on a CHIP in such a secret manner, when our chip IP is our only true asset.


      • I think this is significant:

        In a sense, the ASR is an extension of the Integrated Services Router (ISR), A CUSTOMER-PREMISES LINE introduced by Cisco in 2004. The ISR handles functions such as security and VOIP, establishing the router as the point of origin for certain services.

    • "The IP is all we have."

      This is exactly what concerns me so much about this news from Cisco in the detailed article I posted. I don't like the precedent it MAY be setting, which is why I desperately want us all to put our heads together to rule it out if possible. So far I don't think we can.

      And Cisco's patent attorneys are surely sharper and far better funded than ours. I really hope this all is NOT the case but it still hasn't been ruled out for certain yet IMHO.


    • those quotes stated former microprocessor designers from those firms listed...they obviously work for CSCO now. i'm sure it will be clear that those new CSCO designers worked with the designers at EZCH as well in making this chip. EZCH technology is identical to the new QuantumFlow processor. it is obviously an EZCH design. it appears to be very similar to EZCH NPA 10gbps chip. it is not even close to the performance of the np-3 or np-4. EZCH says CSCO will ship the more advanced np-3 products this year.

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      • CityBuilder,

        The article states that Cisco's new processor is a "40 core" processor, and EZchip's NP processors have the following number of cores per our CEO at the October 2007 Forbes/Gilder Telecosm conference:

        NP-1 = 16 cores
        NP-2 = 32 cores
        NP-3 = 64 cores
        NP-4 = 128 cores

        My biggest questions (as I now believe NP-2 or NP-3c are NOT inside this newly announced Cisco edge router) are:

        "Is it our newly announced NPA inside this product instead?"

        - if not.....

        "Did EZchip management believe this edge router product/market was a large part of our future with Cisco? Or not?"

        Anyone that can help determine these answers is encouraged to share their findings/beliefs here with all other individual longs, in our quest to work together against the FM's and MM's who truly control our price.

        Good luck to all longs. I hope this is not a huge negative development for us. I will be devastated if Cisco performed business warfare on us before we could ever take off.


      • CityBuilder,

        While I would LOVE to just faithfully "believe" that this QuantumFlow chip is an EZchip design, I need far more detailed proof to settle my concerns today.

        The mere fact that Cisco filed for over 40 patents ("mostly on the processor") leads me to believe that WE (EZchip) don't own the IP on it.

        How can you conclude we are protected just because the general specs appear to be similar?

        I think that is a great and possibly grave assumption at this point.

        We weren't even mentioned, our stock is down huge, our remaining VC's want out, and our company has been virtually SILENT during our decline.

        Please elaborate in detail why you think this chip must be an EZchip and why you think Cisco is above duping us with their lawyers and deep pockets......

        TIA for any solid details and links you can provide to help calm the fears I (and I'm sure many other longs) have today.


      • Alot of speculation going on right now, personally I think today's volume is not dictating that anything fundamentally has changed.

        It appears most small cap's have been getting hammered recently due to current market conditions.

        JMHO, Good luck to all us longs!!!

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