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  • message_board_monitor message_board_monitor May 29, 2008 12:24 AM Flag

    Re: Schlomi (fact? or pump & dump?)

    If one were to re-read this entire conversation from the beginning, when mountainproject1 first posted about Schlomi's article, it would be pretty clear that.....

    - Mountain posted his brief conclusion of Schlomi's claimed comments
    - I asked politely for the link or text of the actual article
    - Captain politely provided it for all of us to read
    - I thanked Captain and gave my opinion along with links to support my view
    - then cooljust/mountain/boardwalk re-appeared again to resume with their usual personal insults

    I think it is quite clear who is here to childishly insult others, and who appears during runups to pump+dump or cheerlead, and who is here to openly share both positive & negative information/opinions with supporting links and sources for the benefit of all objective investors.

    This board becomes what we all choose to make of it. I choose to remain focused on the facts & opinions of the on-topic issues that are most relevant to our stock price in the short term, and our company's progress towards what we all hope for the long term.

    Good luck to all honest longs and contributors to relevant conversation here.


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