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  • message_board_monitor message_board_monitor May 30, 2008 11:16 AM Flag

    Re: Schlomi (fact? or pump & dump?)


    You have twisted every possible comment to mislead readers, hoping that THEY will put me on ignore - even when you never have and never will put me on ignore yourself (because it is your job to be here?).

    My record of making unpopular (but extremely accurate) predictions for our stock price, is kept for the record right on this board. I have been right virtually every time. You have been consistently wrong and you are bitter.

    Most recently, you thought our stock would run UP after the "great earnings report", while I posted that I thought the recent buyers (during the 2wk pre-eps runup from 10 to 18) would likely be disappointed and pull us back to the 13's.

    We all know what happened. You were wrong again, and disappeared as usual while it happened. Now that the stock is back up again, you return to bash me and try to gain the support of hopeful longs via your ridiculous lies and deception.

    Please stick to the ON-TOPIC ISSUES regarding EZCH's factual business progress, or the stock price, but keep your obsession with me to yourself. Or simply put me on ignore.

    The fact that I asked MountainProject1 politely for a link (to the writing by Schlomi that he vaguely referred to) would be welcomed by any honest long who wants to know the facts vs just rumor & pump+dump manipulation.

    Please explain how politely asking for a link to an article (that could not be found via Google or even the article's own webite search) is such a bad thing.

    Go ahead, explain exactly why THAT started you on another obsessive stalker tirade........

    You won't. You can't. You never can. You only avoid and distract, and write ridiculous posts filled with poor grammar.

    I suspect you are just another paid poster residing in a foreign company, trying to pretend you are a "good old-fashioned American with values and integrity". The record shows you are not. Your deception has cost many here a lot of money.

    The mere fact that you continually appear during runups, try desperately to control me, and to get everyone else to ignore me (while you NEVER have & never will) shows your goal is to manipulate this board for your pump+dump agenda (for your bosses?).

    It is sad that you cannot be objective as an investor.
    (maybe because you really aren't one at all?)

    You are incapable of remaining bullish WHILE objectively acknowledging the potential negatives facing our company or stock price. You need to try and bury them in order to feel better about your "holdings".

    PLEASE REMAIN ON-TOPIC and stick to the issues relevant to our company's factual business progress or our stock price's volatile movement.

    Afterall, that is why REAL and honest investors come to this board - - to protect their investments already made, and to time or decide on their future transactions (buying OR selling).

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