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  • boardwalk97 boardwalk97 Aug 29, 2008 10:05 AM Flag

    MBM would you add stock here?

    You've been an inspiration to the board like the platform speakers we've heard at the DNC. Having said that would you add stock of EZ-Chip to your portfolio at this juncture Yes or NO and why?

    Thanks as always!!

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    • message_board_monitor message_board_monitor Oct 13, 2008 10:38 AM Flag

      Thanks longezch. While I was a bit cautious after seeing the conflicting action that afternoon, I certainly never saw the 5's coming as a result of it. I thought high 9's or maybe high 8's in a washout.

      But as you said, I *NEVER* thought we'd see the 5's again without there being major trouble actually confirmed within our company.

      But since the integrity of the world's financial systems are being tested, all usual measurements and figures are way off (for now).

      And since things have never been better within our company, I have decided to look at our situation as a unique gift for the long term.

      I now own way more EZCH than I should, at a cost way lower than I ever thought possible, after our post-secondary october 2007 high of $24+.

      Good luck to all honest longs. My fingers are crossed (with nails bitten to the nubs!) for a great Q3 report on 11/6.

    • You posted on October 3 at 2:06 pm the following:

      "The dichotomy for me in the action yesterday, after the NI email, is that we fell lower on higher volume into the close."

      The close on 10/2 was $10.18.

      50% lower now.

      Your concern, correctly stated, and your basis for it, is a credit to your effort to keep this forum on topic. I commend you for your recognition of the action in the stock, and posting it.

      I'm beyond the point of thinking "What if I had sold on . . . , and bought in now!" But I never thought I would see the day where we were in the fives again. NEVER.

      The problem is you couldn't take a chance on selling on 10/3, because you don't know whether tomorrow will be the day we have all been waiting so long for.

    • The dichotomy for me in that action yesterday, after the NI email, is that we fell lower on higher volume into the close.
      (Maybe it was the MMs loading inventory for an expected demand increase)

      Any new thoughts today? Still have all trading shares still?

      BTW, on the bailout issue..... I JUST heard for the first time on any TV program (from WSJ's Charlie Gasparino on CNBC) about the true cause of this crisis being the Dems pushing banks to lend, Fannie/Freddie, and CRA-'95.

      "Government bailing out Government" was his mantra on the show.

      *Government (Dems) bailing out the system, from their own poor decisions (pushing poor loans and home ownership of the past decade plus).*

      I totally agree. Hopefully it will get more airtime over the next month.

      IMHO, this is totally the fault of the liberal mindset:
      "Increase home ownership from 60 to 70%, by getting lower-income families into homes, or we'll sue and fine you."

      "Give them equal treatment, rather than make them earn it by track record like everyone else."

      Money has no prejudice. It always seeks the highest return for the risk deemed acceptable, except when pushed by politicians with a self-serving charitable agenda.

    • Agree to earlier post.

      As to the second, McWilliams email update at about 2:30 yesterday.

    • longwhatever,

      >>>>>>I see we weren't the only ones that were buyers "mid-day today." Please tell me you know what I am talking about.<<<<<<

      I think I know, but if you can elaborate without ruining something - by all means, spell it out for me and every other honest long.

      Good luck with your recently purchased shares. Doing the hardest thing emotionally is usually the most profitable financially in the long term.

      I hope we are well rewarded for our courage during the panic (aka manipulation).

    • longwhatever,

      Very interesting origin of this crisis don't you think? It all makes sense and points out who created it all with passion.

      I still cannot believe this information is not being shown on network TV or the big newspapers or magazines.

      I cannot believe I had to stumble upon the true cause and impetus behind this whole fiasco, via YouTube!

      This needs to be spread around IMHO. The truth needs to be known THIS MONTH, before the elections.

      I will be forwarding this to every TV station and newspaper and magazine I can, to see if it comes out into the focus somehow.

      Did YOU know about the 1995 changes and the statistical correlations, previous to watching this video presentation? I sure didn't.

      And I never thought too much about those pushing this agenda via lobbyists and lawyers back then, but it all makes total sense now.

      Funny how they are all avoiding responsibility for it now, and pointing the finger at those who they forced to do what led to this crisis.

      Shameful. Important for every American to know the truth. Especially when they want to use OUR tax money now, to clean up THEIR mess.

    • Watched it and passed it on. New information that only reinforced a position. Despite the polls, I still think that once the public goes in to vote, we could see anything happen.

      I see we weren't the only ones that were buyers "mid-day today." Please tell me you know what I am talking about.

    • longwhatever, and any other honest investors interested in the "credit crisis" origins/cause....

      I stumbled onto this unique presentation, and thought how interesting it was that we aren't hearing ANY of these original causes in the liberal media:
      ( YouTube presentation video - no volume needed )

      You will want to keep your mouse/cursor on the PAUSE button, as there are many GREAT but FAST screenshots with charts, details and highlighted words.

      It is WELL worth the 15 minutes or so spent, to understand the root of all this "crisis" and how it all truly got created.

      AMAZING who is attached to it (and on which sides), and who tried to do the right thing along the way - and who stopped them.


    • He had posted three minutes before I called him out. He didn't respond. I felt the obvious implication was that he was now pushing the sell side. I gave him one hour. I added at that point, also.

      With no obvious news, I can't believe we are at these price levels again. I believe that Washington politics have given us a great gift. But I still wouldn't cross the streat to shake hands with any of them.

    • Honest longs,

      Watch boardwalk97 avoid these important issues, and disappear again.

      All after he posted such a ludicrous implication that JNPR & CSCO are leaving EZ.

      Know this fraudulent manipulator with many aliases, for what he really is - a hedge fund trader or employee of one.

      Scumbags using scare tactics to prey on innocent individuals for a living.


      All in MY honest opinion. Good luck to all HONEST longs.


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