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  • jhintbew216 jhintbew216 Dec 15, 2010 10:34 AM Flag

    my guess

    $50 by mid next year

    $100 in 2012

    $250 in 2014

    That is why I think any dip is GOLDEN!

    Just imagine missing out on that!

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    • Tell us what you really think!!

    • that is just how i see it. actually might be on the conservative side.

      oh wait, forgot this one:

      4) Naz 7500 by 2015.

    • jhintbew, those are three bold predictions. Interesting. I hope you are right, but I suspect you won't be due to geopolitical macro issues IMO. Do you have any supporting rationale for each prediction? Or did you post those just for shock value, or based solely on your gut feeling?

    • 1) Nearly everything Tech is still a good buy now.

      2) Probably won't see any meaningfull corrections until 2012.

      3) DJIA 17k by 2015. Don't miss the boat again!

    • Oh gosh yes, I still hold my core shares. I have liquidated all of my trading shares in all stocks for two reasons:

      1. Not sure whats a good buy now, &
      2. Waiting for the winter correction that typically comes.

    • longezch, thanks. I'm not upset at all. JHintbew just sees things with a narrower view. I was posting with the premise that a potential buyer of EZ is "currently" either an Israeli company, or not. It was all about their current legal status & whether subject to Israeli "foreign buyer" rules.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on trading too. You seem very honest to me. Congrats on the awesome gains you booked. One question.... You wrote "I hold all funds in cash at this time." Did you mean TRADING funds? You still hold your core position in EZ right?

      Thanks again and best of luck to you in this new year!

    • I wouldn't get to upset over jhintbew's post. I took an unnecessary shot at him some time age, which I regret, as stinger suggested.

      He appears content with a buy and hold strategy, which I do believe is a good strategy for most people. I have continuously used this strategy with EZ for 10 years now.

      What he does not understand or chooses to ignore is:

      1. Some people trade around a core position. This was made perfectly clear when I posted in response to your question to me last July. On December 16th he referred to that post and stated it was a "bad decision bud." Here was my post:

      It clearly states that these were trading shares. On a later post on December 16th he referred to me as "scared out." Then on December 20th he posted the following:

      This assumes that I sold my trading shares and did not put them to good use, which is not true. For the record, I have not suffered any "serious torture and mental anguish!"

      On 7/27 I sold 2,500 EZ trading shares at an average of $21.16. I expected to buy them back after earnings in the 19's as I stated. It became obvious very soon that this was not going to happen.

      In early August I bought (with the EZ $) 3,000 shares in MRVL at $14.50 per share (again trading around a core position) I sold those shares on December 7 at $20.50. I believed this was a no brainer at the time.

      I put about 10K aside and on the same day I bought 7,000 shares of HLIT at $7.15, again trading around a core position. I got lucky and sold those shares on December 20th at $8.50.

      I hold all funds in cash at this time.

      While I haven't computed my exact gain, I suspect that it might be slightly less than what I could have sold those same original 2,500 trading shares for last week.

      So did I lose money, possibly. But did I have fun, absolutely. I view investing as legalized gambling, when if done correctly, the odds are in your favor. That is why the only game I play in the casino is Black Jack. I am a gambler.

      2. I suspect that he does not recognize the value of balancing a portfolio, either. My average in is less than $5 per share. I am getting close to selling some of my core shares in EZ for this very purpose. It is not because I don't believe we have a lot of room to run, it is merely because I hold such a substantial position in the stock that it has become unreasonable.

      3. He admittedly does not watch macro economic trends:
      I view this as very dangerous.

      Bottom line, despite our banter between each other, we both want the same thing, for EZ to blow the lid off of the top of the chart.

      Finally, I, like you would prefer for EZ not to get bought out. But if they are, I would prefer it to be MRVL as I believe it has a compelling story and is a stock that I have been adding to my core position upon weakness.

    • exactly why i brought it up about having israeli ties. something helped them get the exclusive np-3c right to sell to cisco, will that same thing help them buyout the company soon? does mrvl have an edge or a fasttrack to an ezch buyout?

      that is the only reason i brought it up..not trying to belittle you.

    • CAT FIGHT !!!!!!!

    • jhintbew, I thought the purpose of discussing Marvell here was relative to their ability or ease of buying EZCH amid any Israeli rules, because LanOptics supposedly took Israeli gov grant money. Whether Marvell was "started in Israel" doesn't seem as important as their current company status (as a Bermuda or American company), if they are actually interested in acquiring EZchip. There is no need to use a belittling tone saying I'm the "only one" who "can't comprehend that". I don't profess to know Marvell well, I'm just sharing what I find on the topic relevant to EZCH.

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