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  • investmentguru2001 investmentguru2001 Aug 18, 2014 6:32 PM Flag

    Any truth to rumors that EZCH will be aquired by...


    either INTC or AMD?

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    • What a bunch of nonsense. Intel has never shown the slightest interest in obtaining EZCH and AMD is in no position or have any reason to buy an edge router company in a market they have no presence. As for the price you heard of $30 that would make no sense since the current share price is north of $24 and their cash per share is $7.52 with no debt. Another poster says that too bad they have not been over $30 a share in recent years when less than a year ago (Sept 2013) they were at $31. EZChip has a problem with getting investors and institutions to understand their business and future prospects with NPS etc. but they are posting record revenues and widening their customer base. They are not losing money or missing estimates. Whenever a stock lags or experiences lumpiness in their stock price the same people come out with the same phony rumors they started/heard and complaints to sell out. Stop wasting everyone's time

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      • gsb214 is correct -

        AMD does not have the amount of $ needed to acquire EZCH; nor does BRCM and MRVL. (BRCM is still writing down the 'goodwill' from their NetLogic acquisition of $3.7B, and recently decided to exit their cellular baseband busines and could not find a buyer (This resulted in 2,500 layoffs).

        INTC does have the money needed to buy EZCH, however, INTC has already committed to the venture capital for Netronome, which will compete with EZCH's NPS with their NFP-6xxx processor.

        Folks now are waiting to see if Tilera will be a valuable/profitable acquisition for EZCH. Tilera had a very slow start to 2014, and it remains to be seen if EZCH can turn this around for Tilera, and how fast. Once revenue guidance from Tilera enters into the EZCH equation, expect EZCH to remain 'range-bound'.

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    • EZCH is for sale.

      The price will be very high.

      (At least by the amount BRCM paid out for NetLogic).

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      • Everything is for sale if the price is right. Saying EZ is for sale is not the same thing as saying a buyer is making a move on the company and a sale is imminent or even being negotiated at this time. So, just to be clear, are you prepared to say a sale is pending and we will hear about it soon, or are you just saying the company, like everything else in this world, could be bought if a buyer emerges and is willing to pay the necessary price? If the former than how do you know this?

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