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  • itsawhiz itsawhiz Feb 18, 2013 7:20 AM Flag

    Roth Capital just invested 2.8 million

    Why would Roth Capital consider doing an offer for shares. I mean short of making the initial fee. They will need to guarantee the price for at least 30 days to the buyers or the stock will revert back to them. Right now at .14 the stocks a buy. It will bounce over .15 may even get to book value. If they announce a buyer these holders will get a premium for a few months investment. I think Roth knows something that is already in the works. Buyout?, Government Subsidy? To eliminate all this Radio static. Stock price right now is supported by the offering at .15 and will do better until at least 3/20/2013. Looks like easy money for this month. Also worth a few bucks to hear the news that Roth knows. It could change the game. IMHO

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    • Why do you believe that Roth "will need to guarantee the price for at least 30 days to the buyers or the stock will revert back to them."? I have never heard of such a rule. Can you cite why you believe this is true? In every stock offering I have ever seen, once the stock is sold the buyer is on the hook for any gains or losses and there are no guarantees by the underwriter that the stock will retain its value over any defined period.

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      • That's why this management team knows their book value so well. Otherwise, they would probably be as clueless as they are in running a company and marketing their products as well as making sure they are profitable and have enough money to continue as a viable company. It's a shame that they continue to hurt their stockholders because they are inept. I am surprised that attorneys have not lined up to sue these clowns or that major stockholders are not seeking legal counsel. Anyhow, they may have something up their sleeve. What can save them? A purchaser for the company or a large contract pending that will enable financing or subsidies coming soon. I really feel they are not done with screwing over their stockholders. R/S could happen,but why do that if you are going out of business a few month later, makes no sense. Unless they have not book their flights yet.
        So do you still feel that nothing is afoot? For the sake of Roth and management, I certainly hope so. I bet there is something, but only a few know.

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      • I will try to find the SEC rule. Underwriters are responsible for investigating the companies that offer up securities to the general public. They need to have proof that the ask price is reasonable and fair value. Otherwise they maybe held responsible and possibly fined. Why did you think the offer price went down?

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    • Your kidding right? The initial filing with ROTH was for 44 cents. If ROTH knew something it would be illegal nonpublic information. The fact that the initial offering for 44 cents at $20 million was dropped to 15 cents and $2.3 million is pure desperation on the part of PLUG management. The fact that this was filed prior to the Q4 2012 quarterly report and 2012 fiscal report speaks volumes. If PLUG had a good Q4 and was preparing a good 2012 yearly report management would have waited for this offering to get the most cash at the highest price for the shareholders. Subsidies? Nothing about this president and his total disregard of the constitution surprises me but I do not think that the fighting on the hill will result in subsidies for a failing company like PLUG. Can you say Solyndra, AONE or Fiskar? I think subsidies for companies like PLUG are Toxic for all those except chuck the schmuck and hillenbrat! With that being said I do expect a short term dead cat bounce but it will be very short lived as the companies cash runs out and they face a reverse split or delisting. I also do not believe a company will invest in the infrastructure for PLUG fuel cells when the company is so close to Bankruptcy! I also do not understand how you are calculating book value? The company has never turned a profit and loses money on every unit they sell. Book value should be 0.

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      • Nope, not kidding, it's only illegal if they get caught. In any case, Roth Capital gave approx. 2.4 million, yes million dollars to Plug. If Roth Capital thought that Plug will go bankrupt in even 3 months, they would not touch this with a 10 ft pole. Too much legal ramifications. The dropping from .44 cents down to .15 is because Roth Capital looked at the books. Do you really think they didnt go over it with a fine tooth comb prior to handing over 2.4 million dollars? Roth Capital is not in the business of losing money, or wrapping themselves up in a legal mess. As for subsidies, well, I do not believe in them also, but our government and the economy does provide. Will it happen, who knows, but it could. There's more then just the effect of PLUG closing doors, the effect will be felt across every business that relies on their product, from manufacturing to Hydrogen supply. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Taking a look at the crystal ball, .16 by the 20th .23 by the end of Month. After that its too cloudy. Crystal ball doesn't always work so only invest what you can lose. There is a tremendous amount of risk here, agreed. I am still a buyer at .14 Question is; is their something up their sleeves? Does Roth know more then what they are saying?

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