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  • pensivepop pensivepop Dec 17, 2013 7:16 AM Flag

    The best posters are the honest ones....

    I realize that comment will draw some flak but I say it because there are a lot of guys here who have posted that they are new to investing and heed opinions here. In respect to that I advise them to look to messages provided by plug share-owners that are willing to profess the negatives as well as positives about any stock. Certainly the poster who owns the stock should comment on the positives but the honest ones will admit there are two stories to every side and newcomers need to be aware of the pitfalls as well as the accomplishments. That;s how you make money in this business weigh the good AND THE BAD.. and then you make a decision. I can't believe some of the remarks here made by a few who chastise anybody even suggesting anything that doesn't conform to their way of thinking. Enough said, I was a broker for many years with a New York House and have experienced enough trials and triumphs to qualify my making this brief statement.

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    • Just read your post. You are one of the good guys.

    • It is as simplistic as this. ANYONE pumping after an 11 cent to 2.25 run is NOT HONEST, distorts reality, is living in a dream world. They have little to do but fantasize about winning a lottery, being rich and therefore, post this nonsense. They did the same thing on the FCEL board after its run. Not sure why these pumpers live in this fantasy world and make these idiotic claims about a company that has never made a penny in profit and as you can plainly see with FCEL, even when their revenues explode fro a few million to 55 pillion, they still manage to lose a pile of money. Wall St. does not care about these fantasies in 2013. They want results. PLUG will probably grow some revenues too but they will continue to LOSE MONEY (despite recent /latest claims by its oblivious CEO) because they do not have pricing power, run a loose ship and unless they are acquired, I believe this will not end. Soon enough, the market demand will begin to fall and they are back not making anything off of what they sell and declining revenues. If you got in below $1.00, you did ok. If you were late, there is not much here. Facts suck !

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Good post! I admit that I'm a swing trader. I bought PLUG at $1.09 and sold it 48 hours later for $2.18, the first two-day double during my 16 years of trading. I fully intended to buy PLUG again on its retrace back down to close the second-day gap up from $1.28, along with a million other people...LOL! So, of course, the MM's stopped that initial retrace well above $1.28, leaving me and many others behind on its second run up. I refused to pay up for it and decided to be patient and take my chances that a new contract wouldn't be announced before a second retrace happened. No one knows where this second retrace will end, but technically speaking, it does need to go a good bit lower before the expected new contract(s) are announced before the end of the year (if the CEO was telling the truth). That's MHO, and I'm sticking to it. I've lost count of the number of times that I've bought a stock on the way down following a run, at what seemed like a relatively cheap price, only to watch it continue on down. It took me many years to start to grasp the significance of gap-fills and to recognize very common patterns in stock trading. Until I finally "got it", I often flailed around with my trading, making mistake after mistake, both long and short. Long-term holders will say that I got what I deserved, that short-term trading is like gambling, and that no one can predict the day-to-day movements in ANY stock. And, it's hard to argue with that. However, I CAN say that since I "got it", my proportion of positive trades has skyrocketed. NO ONE is right all of the time, but you don't have to be anywhere NEAR close to perfect to make a lot of money. Eliminating impulsive trades has made ALL the difference for me! PATIENCE and DD have been the keys! When I see a pattern or a gap, I let the share price come to me. Just thought I'd share a little of my experience with others who haven't been trading or investing for nearly as long. GLTA longs! PLUG should be a HUGE winner in 2014!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • anyone who tells you plug is not a high risk play is simply crazy.... not saying dont buy but know the risk. Wall st computers are smarter than us.

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      • follow the advise of Warren Buffet. Read and understand the company. If you believe in the company, when everybody runs away, find out why and if it makes sense, buy, double up. See what Warren did with GE .. PLUG Power is doing things right with right partners. That's all I have to say.

      • wtginbus100 Dec 17, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

        You are smarter than Wall St. computers, all you have to do is think a little harder. Right now they are selling, pick you entry point, and buy some more shares of PLUG. PLUG is not going bankrupt and they are getting contract, that is your only ticket; everything else is a smoke screen, buy, buy, buy. Just to remind you, I see a lot more buy orders than sell order flowing through; all that pre-market trading most likely are European clearing their contracts.

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