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  • chemicalengineer62 chemicalengineer62 Feb 5, 2014 10:12 AM Flag

    The reason we are down is that a new hit piece by wellsfargo manager is out

    This wellsafrgo investment manger calls up a reported from his WF phone, on WF time to ask him to come in to the WF office for a interview on PLUG. The losers says this is his personal opinion and not WF but goes on to bash PLUG and recommends, while at the WF office, that people not invest unless they want to lose money. He does disclose that 10-15 years ago he personally lost over $100,000 on PLUG during the bubble when PLUG did not have any working sellable products or customers. DAAAA, what a fool. The reported and WF investment manager also said a climb from $0.30 last year to $3.00 this year is too much of a bubble and would pop? What they didn't say is that there was a 10:1 split so the stock price is really at the same price as last year. There is no big gains when you look at the Reverse split stupid!

    PLUG has a working sellable product and major companies are lining and converting to GenKey, GenDrive from PLUG is droves. Sales are expanding at rapid rates, 50-100% year of year. And this loser calls up a reporter from his WF phone, during WF time and talks to the reported at a WF site just to bash PLUG because he lost $100K over 15 years ago? I am reporting this loser to WF ethics department. Soon he will lose his job to PLUG.

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    • The article never mentions who called who. The article doesn't mention where the interview took place. The article also has negative remarks from Plug's Lawyer. He never discloses how much money he lost. He never mentioned the word bubble or said it would pop. And your analogy about the price being the same doesn't fly. The reverse split happened in 2011 long before the time he was talking about. It was $.30 , now it's $3.00.
      Unless WF has a rule that you can't use a WF phone for personal calls your complaint won't even be addressed.

    • I just got done reporting Mr. Family for ethics violations with Wells Fargo 1800 3827250. Was easy and clean. I asked for termination of Mr. Family and a retraction of the interview. The kid was used and didn't even know it. To bad people are going to get black marks on their names forever just to make Krammer some more money. How much money does this guy need? What a pig.

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    • The price actually climbed from .12 to 3 without any rev split

    • Just read that blog piece... It wasn't that bad. The guy is now thinking about getting back into PLUG.

      From what I read, there was ZERO MENTION of ANY of the new developments of skyrocketing order bookings -- OR -- ZERO MENTION of any of the fast-developing 3 new markets which PLUG is planning to open in 2014 !! !!

      Again -- another example of a BACKWARD LOOKING ARTICLE based upon obsolete data. Nothing but the "past tense" was mentioned.... Just FLUSH IT.......NOTHING OF VALUE !! !!

      INVEST in PLUG for the CURRENT & FUTURE VALUE !! !!

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    • Drive the price down so you can get back in after news yesterday and potential spike in PPS. Petty theft!

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    • I am in contact with Wells Fargo about Mr. Family's ethic violations and am personally filing an ethics charge against him as a Wells Fargo customer and consumer. Mr. Family used his position within Wells Fargo to personally attack PLUG while stand front and center in the Wells Fargo office on Wells Fargo time.


      Sanford Family has been reported to Wells Fargo Ethics group for violations of using his position within Wells Fargo to carry on a personal attacked against publically traded company, ie: PLUG.

      Mr. Family called from a Wells Fargo phone, at a Wells Fargo office to set up this interview. Mr. Family then had you at the Wells Fargo office while Mr. Family was on Wells Fargo time to personally attacked PLUG because he lost over $100K over 10 years ago.

      Further you talked about the stock price of PLUG last year, since then PLUG went through a 10:1 stock split so the share price in May 2013 is just about the same as it is currently.

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