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  • halfwaytoabillion halfwaytoabillion Feb 10, 2014 2:01 PM Flag

    Reasonable Price Expectations for next 6 months

    Please reply with your reasonable price expectations for next 6 months and brief summary for your reasons. Thank you. Just a heads up, I may take a substantial position here over the next week that will move the stock upwards.

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    • About $12 to $15 immediately on the buyout rumor

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You will be happy to know that I began taking a heavy position in PLUG. As I stated, the price would move up, and it will continue to do so now that I am invested. People follow the smart money, and I am the smart money. Everyone in at this point will do very well.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Whatever (eyeroll) anyone who has enough money to make the price go up on their own, is not here on yahoo message boards. Unless your Carl Icahn or something and I highly doubt that.

    • Expect big sell off in 1 hour!

    • $8.00 to $10.00 per share in the Short-term (Less than 6 months). Reasons below -

      PLUG POWER = 4-FOR-1 INVESTMENT offering investors Exponential Growth in 4 market segments, 1 fully operational (Forklifts) and 3 slated for deployment during 2014.

      1. Walmart selects PLUG POWER for GenDrive Forklifts -- and orders are booked from several other Fortune 500 companies including Kroger, P&G, Mercedes & BMW. The current 23 customers (very large companies) have over 250,000 lead-acid battery forklifts ripe for conversion to H2 GenDrive Fuel Cells. Thus far, PLUG has converted 4,500 to H2 GenDrive Fuel Cells (1.8% of current-customer market). PLUG just delivered a “blowout quarter” with $32 Million in Orders Booked in Q4-13. And – PLUG has provided Forward Guidance of $32 Million or Higher for Q1-14 (This Qtr.)! During Q1-14, 2 more car manufacturers are expected to book orders with PLUG POWER – in addition to Mercedes & BMW. These assembly line manufacturers love the constant-speed (predictability) that PLUG’s H2 GenDrive Fuel Cells deliver.

      2. SYSCO selects PLUG POWER for Transport Refrigeration Units (TRU) -- This market has over 300,000 legacy units -- ripe for conversion to fuel cells (larger than the Forklift market). The CEO of PLUG POWER said that the TRU segment could be larger than the current-operational Forklift segment.

      3. FedEx selects PLUG POWER for Ground Support Equipment including Airport Tuggers, Conveyors, etc. There are 26,000 Airport Tuggers just domestically in the USA.

      4. D.O.E. selects PLUG POWER for Range Extenders for use with Smith Electric’s vehicles for 20 FedEx electric delivery vehicles. Initial estimates are that an 80-mile range electric vehicle will “double” its range to 160 miles! This new market includes: Parcel delivery trucks, taxis, post office trucks and port vehicles…and could morph into the HUGE TRANSPORTATION MARKET!

      INVEST in PLUG for Exponential Growth as 4 markets adopt PLUG POWER’s H2 Fuel Cells.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • $6-$8.00 Reasons The chart is very possitive...Insider holdings..Huge % Short interest Large % of shares left not owned by insiders, and institutions...30 million $ investment made just recently...Large orders, analysts predicting $5-$7 midterm...

      Sentiment: Buy

    • in six months I think $8-$10

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