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  • drjwater drjwater Feb 25, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

    WSJ Article Hydrogen Cars to Challenge Electric


    By Mike Ramsey , The Wall Street Journal

    Under pressure from regulators, several auto makers are preparing to roll out emissions-free cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells instead of gasoline engines.

    Three car makers have disclosed plans to lease a small number of new vehicles in California and in a few countries in Europe by the end of next year. South Korea's Hyundai Motor Co. is expected to be first out of the gate this spring, followed next year by Japanese auto makers Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co.

    California wants at least 15% of new vehicles sold in the state to produce zero emissions by 2025, and its regulations require auto makers to sell electric vehicles or fuel cell vehicles to meet the requirement. Its mandate means that fuel cell cars will get double the emission credits compared to electric vehicles.

    The tests are an effort to determine how pricey hydrogen vehicles will compete with far less expensive gasoline- or diesel-powered cars. The biggest problem so far is their cost. Next is figuring out how to get the cars to fueling stations, where they are pumped with compressed hydrogen.

    Leasing a midsize hydrogen-powered car can cost as much as a luxury sedan. Hyundai's Tucson hydrogen-fueled vehicle will be leased for $499 a month and only to people who live near fueling stations. The fuel is included in the lease. Honda has leased about 20 of its older model FCX Clarity sedans for about $600 a month since 2008.

    The price and paucity of fueling sites have relegated hydrogen-powered cars to small demonstration fleets, mostly in California where taxpayers have been willing to subsidize refueling stations and offer other incentives. The state has a plan to build a network of 100 refueling stations across the state over the next decade

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    • fuel cells hold up better in colder conditions...all electric lose performance and range more than fuel cells in cold.....head of Toyota was quoted that fuel cells are dropping in production cost at a faster rate than batteries...if you don't think fuel cells are going to be a MAJOR player in the worldwide economy, you better go read up on everything.... to all those who see the future and have the Brass to hang on to their shares...congrats!

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    • People love to knock the fact that there are practically no hydrogen fueling stations in the US. But, if you consider that there is already a distribution network in place as well of thousands of possible stations already built, all it's going to take is one Big Oil company to see a new revenue stream and consider their options. Granted they love to profit from the hole to the tank, but it's a small piece of pride to pay to be the front runner in hydrogen distribution. Just a thought.

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      • I've been saying this for months..Big oil is eventually gonna come in and put hydrogen in the gas stations if there is any demand for fuel cell cars next year.... not tomorrow, not next week, but soon enough that PLUG and every other fuel cell company will rip up to huge price levels on hype....this is NOT over yet... good luck to those with the BRASS to hold their shares

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    • When PLUG made announced the RANGE EXTENDER DEAL (With FEDEX EXPRESS & SMITH ELECTRIC VEHICLES), the share price soared higher -- gapping up for several days !! I am expecting more deals to announced --- especially when it is PROVEN that the PLUG RANGE EXTENDERS extend the vehicle range from 80 to 160 miles !! !! INVEST "NOW" -- AHEAD OF THE HERD !! !!

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      • 1 Reply to white_knight_in_texas
      • BUMP UP !! Hydrogen IS the fuel of the future !! And - Plug Power is in the Driver's Seat with RANGE EXTENDERS !! !! When the DOE funded deal with FEDEX EXPRESS & SMITH ELECTRIC VEHICLES is "proven" to increase mileage range from 80 to 160 miles, Plug Power will have EVERY PLAYER begging to do business with them !! !! It's no wonder the share price gapped up several days in a row....following the announcement of said DOE funded deal.

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