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  • infinite_energy_investor infinite_energy_investor Aug 14, 2014 11:58 AM Flag


    This NEW ORDER is not from WALMART's expansion plans are already publicly detailed. This is NEW MAJOR CUSTOMER or a REPEAT ORDER from an existing customer. Regardless -- it is ALL GOOD NEWS for PLUG shareholders !! !!

    The Major Order from WALMART for 6 Distribution Centers was valued at over $50 Million. This NEW ORDER was estimated by the CEO this morning to be worth $30 MILLION. When the NEW ORDER hits the news wires, PLUG will be up 10%+ !! !!

    The MEGA-TREND of Major Auto Manufacturers adopting Plug Power's GenDrive Fuel Cells is just starting... This is just THE BEGINNING of a worldwide rollout of ALL the Major Auto Manufacturers adopting Plug Power's GenDrive Fuel Cells to power Forklifts !! !!

    AND -- PLUG POWER is delivering the first GenDrive Fuel Cells to power AIRPORT TUGGERS at the MEMPHIS AIRPORT for FEDEX !! !! The NEW REVENUE STREAM will power PLUG shares even higher !! !!

    INVEST NOW for the "LONG-TERM" -- as fortunes will be made.

    BUY MORE +++ HOLD MORE +++ ADD MORE PLUG for the "LONG-TERM" !! !!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • white_knight_in_texas white_knight_in_texas Aug 14, 2014 12:16 PM Flag

      As NEW ORDERS (like the one that could hit by the end of Q3-14) are booked from NEW and/or EXISTING CUSTOMERS, PLUG shares will soar higher !! !!

      Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is dropping like a rock as factory throughput increases... This is just the beginning of Gross Margins exploding higher !! !! Joint Ventures proving fruitful by creating LOW-COST, HIGH-POWER Fuel Cell Stacks .... will be HUGE for Plug Power going forward.

      PLUG POWER is like a baby Chetah cub in the wild... As it grows up, the SPEED will be breathtaking.... The GROSS MARGINS & PROFIT MARGINS are going to explode higher -- ROCKING THE WORLD of the Nefariou$ $hort Thugs -- who deserve all that will be brought into their world of mi$leading krap.

      Major Auto Manufacturers LOVE the GenDrive Fuel Cells as they are proving to LOWER COSTS & INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY on their assembly lines (NO MORE "Battery Droop" from legacy "lead-acid" batteries). I expect a Major Auto Manufacturer to deliver the est. $30 Million Deal (Major Order anticipated by the end of Q3-14) !! !! LOAD UP -- in anticipation -- AHEAD OF THE HERD !! !! When the deal hits the news wires, PLUG shares will be up 10%+ !! !!

      BUY MORE +++ HOLD MORE +++ ADD MORE PLUG for the "LONG-TERM" !! !!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • this order has been incorporated into backlog projections for more than four months now and still has not materialized. Even if they manage to close the deal it would just help them to perhaps reach their own projections. In fact they took in orders for a measly $7 mln within the last four months

    • Betting FEDEX

    • Agreed, wonder who????? ☺☺☺☺$$$$$$$

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