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  • bottomsupinvestor bottomsupinvestor Jul 18, 2008 11:06 AM Flag

    CSY - Me too products???

    The products being approved seem to be lower tech ones. What would make this company profitable over those that already developed and are selling these products? Yes, I have already heard that China is a growing market.

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    • Has anyone of you been to an emerging market? I have. And the way pharma works there is very different from the US. Forget what you learnd in the US, about new products brining profits. In the emerging markets people don't care about expensive new products, they don't have enough basics. They need a lot of basics at cheap price.
      Second, these markets are very unregulated, allowing for higher profit margins.
      Third, the markets are huge and allow for many companies to succeed.
      This one will be a winner.
      However, many emerging market stocks tend to underperform initially because people in the US don't realize how different these markets are and that things that work in the US don't necessarily work there and vice versa.

    • First of all, they are not mee too products. Secondly, the have 11 new drugs currently going through the last stage of clinical trials. Lastly, I wouldn't care if they were selling horse manure, the bottom line is that this company knows how to make money, and lots of it!