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  • Jademann Jademann Mar 4, 2000 6:29 PM Flag

    This ASL decline is getting quite bad

    I seem to have got that one almost perfect. I
    actually sold at 3 3/8 and bought between 1 7/8 and 2. In
    reality I only got my money back plus a couple of $K for
    my trouble.

    I was backing 3 winners this last
    2 weeks.
    I sold RTHM at 36 its now 45. BTY at
    178 its now 205 and LCAV at 4 3/4 its now 5 3/8. So I
    aint best pleased with myself at the moment cos I
    didnt have the balls to stay in the market with
    interest rates worries and over valuations.

    I have
    a sneaking suspicion ASL at 2 1/4 may have been the
    low for now.

    BTW Regarding a previous post
    from schredtillimdead the march 3rd egm was cancelled
    due to agreement being reached by all parties. I am
    not that knowledgeable about the goings on here with
    ASL, I was quite reliant on posts from Goldfits. I
    dont think he has been around recently has he? I guess
    I tend to work more from charts and instincts.

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    • I have owned ASL previously and want to buy it
      again. But now is not the time. Check out the Standard &
      Poor Report on ASL. It, unfortunately, rates the stock
      as "SELL". If the fundamentals change for the
      positive I'll be back again. Until then ... Later.