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Ashanti Goldfields Co. (ASL) Message Board

  • Jademann Jademann Mar 23, 2000 2:39 PM Flag

    Hello board

    Thought Id drop around and see how things are
    going not too well based on ASL at 2 I suppose. Is
    there any hope of a turn around in the near future?
    With gold in a seasonal downturn maybe they can unwind
    some of their positions. ASL appears to go down either
    way though so...

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    • I find this a real hard call.

      Part of me
      says that the decent profitable mines (like Geita)
      will be sold to other companies like Barrick or
      AngloGold, leaving me holding shares in a two-bit Obuasi
      mine in Ghana while everyone cleans up.

      another part of me says in about two years I may be vary
      happy that I lived through this mess and stuck with

      I feel like I'm playing spin the bottle with a
      malatov cocktail . . .