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  • budstock30 budstock30 Sep 22, 1999 7:16 PM Flag

    I hear thier adding Godiva Chocolates and gifts on the site. I wonder if they will sell cigars?


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    • but chances are that one day their top line
      revenue growth and management of their bottom line will
      prompt a nice increase in share price. (at least I think
      that's the plan) Amzn has it half right, with the jury
      still out on Bn.

      The Prudential's initial
      coverage of 'hold' is befitting the conservative 'bricks
      and morter/.com' that we are invested

      Given a little time, they will try to boost interest in
      this company by upgrading their rating within the next
      month or two. The approach is slow, it's deliberate and
      typical b&m.

    • Personally I think MybnLinks should offer kickbacks to investors, maybe that would get us over 20.

    • when do the earnings come out. does anybody know.

    • bnbn will clearly boom once the regulars start networking with MybnLink. It offers kick backs and $ to favorite charities. Smart move bnbn

    • coverage on BNBN. Rates a "hold." I'm whelmed.

    • A month? yeah right, think maybe your stretching it a little?

    • We have seen large moves in online cd's, books,
      movies, toys, auctions and such. What industry is next?
      Many think it is Education. Look at this:

      Sep 22 EVCI Educational Video Conferencing, Inc.
      Enters Into Co-Marketing Agreement with Bell Atlantic -
      Business Wire

      Thu Sep 16 EVCI Educational Video
      Conferencing, Inc. Enters Into Co-Marketing Agreement with We
      Media, Inc. -Business Wire

      Tue Aug 17 EVCI
      Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. Listed As One of the
      'Hot Picks' in New Book 'Hot Sector Investing' - PR

      Wed July 28 EVCI Educational Video Conferencing, Inc.
      Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Merrill Lynch's FSOS
      Division; - PR Newswire

      Tues July 27 EVCI
      Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. Signs a Multi-Year
      Agreement with Atlantic District Lutheran Church Missouri
      Synod; - PR Newswire

      Thu July 22 The New York
      City Board of Education and Educational Video
      Conferencing, Inc. Join Forces - PR Newswire

      Mon July 19
      EVCI Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. Expands its
      Telecommute to College Program to New Lockheed Martin
      Company; - PR Newswire

      Wed July 14 EVCI Educational
      Video Conferencing, Inc. Expands its Telecommute to
      College Program in New York Market; - PR

      Thur July 1 AT&T Corp. and Educational Video
      Conferencing, Inc. Launch Direct Mail Marketing Program to AT&T
      Business Customers; - PR Newswire

      **All of this in
      just the last three months. What do you think will
      happen in the next three months?

    • I order all the time and have never had a problem. Within three days the books are at my door.


    • I have a very small position acquired in the IPO.
      I ordered some books later and had to cancel order
      after a month because I got tired of waiting, I guess
      they couldn't handle all the orders from their big
      advertisement. Good thing I didn't add to my position. I WONDER
      IF BNBN IS READY FOR CHRISTMAS (thinking out loud
      for the CEO to hear).

    • both poised for a nice bounce in the morning.
      Light volume and a heavy sell off this afternoon will
      only accentuate the traditional second day bounce for
      these two stocks. Of the two, I prefer EGAN's business
      model and see it gaining higher interest. I got in EGAN
      before the close today. Both of these should see $30+
      before 10:30 Friday. If you can get in for the run at
      the open you should do it but don't listen to me
      again and see what happens.

      Of course all this
      may hinge on the continued influence of idiots that
      work for MSFT so who knows. If the market is still
      down wait until next week to play these two. I'm kind
      of hoping for more selling over here so I can buy
      some shares of BNBN back around $17. We'll definately
      have a rally in the early morning IMHO. How long it
      lasts is anyone's guess. Folks are home right now
      thinking all this selling and for what? Bill Gates' yes
      man has an opinion! Remember what opinions are like
      and boy did this guy have a big one.

      The Borg
      battle continues:
      I mis-calculated my trajectory for
      the solar slingshot and time travel and ended up
      watching myself leave for the trip. Oh well, back to the
      drawing board. The Borg obviously infiltrated MSFT while
      I was gone. I always wondered about Mr. Bill and
      his world-domination plans. Now the pieces are all
      starting to fall together. If you rearrange the letters in

      AT MSFT

      I'm not sure what it means but it's
      time to get scared, very scared!

      recomendation buy EGAN under $26 and sell at $32+, buy BNBN in
      the 17's and sell next year above $50

      Luck and GO BNBN!

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